it giggled it would.

back down the rabbit hole you slide,

giggling infectiously.

do you know the secret now?

keep it.

the smile, do you remember the smile?

he jumps down and curtsies for you, removing his velvet cloak-

why, it's a cat!

well, yes, dear, what else did you expect?

surely humans cannot be trusted with such things.

the wind is back, sweeping color pixies

into the dust.

messes look cleaner in color.

smoke rings to clean up the dirt billow O's overhead-

mister caterpillar saunters over, headlining the lunacy, as his arrival's been announced-

maddest of the sane ...

an interruption--

music trills!

a birthday celebration?

not quite, to be sure.

a sane being of absurdity,

he tips his bowler hat - a whirl-

knocking over the dormouse inside the sugar.

you let the secret out!

nothing more vile than tea without sugar.

skipping right to the medicine;

now what'll it be, big or small?

you can't have both, greedy girl-

two at once? oh dear, oh my-

ribbons swirl around you, coil up, rise down-

or perhaps i've got going it the wrong way, right and left.

goodness, child ...

you've messed up the madness!

inside out is upside down --

or was that around, and twice around?

your fantasyland has outgrown you

as you reach ever taller.

of course, you'll crawl.

you've met the masters of the realm

but you master them all-

if you feel so inclined.

dewy rain drips down;

turns my mouth dry:

child, you've changed the score!

the rain was never wet before.

i retreat- it's lost all luster-

the shine blinds even me.

you're crawling in circles

for you've found every corner's lie in surprise

they lie in wait

it's certain-

the grinning masquerader is gone as a whisper.

the land is yours in wonder --

though it's funny that it did call you back,

not the other way around.

the rabbit hole, i mean.