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SUMMARY: An age old Demi Goddess is reincarnated as a human girl, named Lucia. With her entire memory wiped blank, she is in dire parol from an ancient Alchemist's devious plot to kill her and steal the immeasurable powers she has. If he does than he will become immortal and rule a world of destruction. But, the Alchemist's male servant will stop at nothing to stop him and save the Goddess. Rating may change.

Zeven Zonden

Chapter One

A Rude Awakening

- Lucia Underwood -

The scent of burning wood invaded my senses, as I forced my eyes open. Warmth caressed my bare skin making me begin to wonder. Where am I? The last thing I could remember was being at school, with my best friend. After that… I don't know.

At first I couldn't see anything, but then slowly my vision started to come back. Blurry at first, but then it became clearer. I turned my head to the side in hopes of finding some clue as to where I was. The small movement caused my head to pound. Automatically my hand raised in an attempt to stop the pain, but to no avail. I felt something rough, yet soft at the same time. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that a bandage was wrapped about my head. This only added more confusion. Did I hit my head?

Even though it hurt I forced myself into a sitting position. My back, leaned against the wooden head board of my bed. Or, at least I thought it was my bed. I never remembered my room looking like this. The bed was pushed so that it's right side rested against one the wall. Across the room from the bed was a small stone fireplace (hence the smell of burning wood). The floor was carpeted crimson, when I could have sworn my room had hardwood flooring. A thick looking cherry wood door, stood on the same wall that my bed was against. A few inches from the end of it.

The wall closest to the door wasn't actually a wall, but a big stained glass window. Crimson curtains, that matched the carpet, hung on either side of the window. Against the wall across from the window was an old fashioned vanity. A few oddly shaped perfume bottles stood on its smooth surface. On the outer edges of the mirror was some sort of ancient writing, that I had never seen before.

My head began to pound again, causing me to shut my eyes for a few moments. This for sure was not my room. That much I knew for sure.

"What happened to me?" I asked aloud. Of course there was no one there to answer my question.

If I had injured my head… wouldn't I have been in a hospital? Hospitals for sure didn't look like this. They usually consisted of white walls and beds that made a lot of noise when you moved. And, usually there was a machine beside your bed that would beep so many times a second, reassuring you that you were alive.

This room was silent. No beeping noises, no squeaky bed. Just a room, that looked as if it belonged to some sort of Medieval mansion.

I also would have liked to know where my parents were. Usually when I had such a severe injury, my mother would constantly be at my side. No one was in the room besides me. I remember the last few times I had a severe injury or had to have surgery, my parents were always there. My mother who was a worry wert, would be watching me until I woke up. Every once in awhile she would get up from the little chair by my bed and make sure I was alive.

Back then I thought it was silly that my mother worried so much for me, but right now, not seeing her there made me nervous. My attention went to the old fashioned door hoping to see her walk in, sleep deprived. Something in the back of my mind, told me she wasn't going to come through that door. I couldn't help but feel a slight anxiety.

I pushed the silk sheets off of me and slid my legs off the bed. I sat there for a moment making sure not to make any fast movements. Then I forced my self to stand, soon regretting my action. But, the need to find my parents kept me from laying back down.

Using any object near to me I slowly made my way to the door. It seemed like hours before I finally reached my destination. I reached for the large metal door knob, but froze when a pale hand lightly touched mine. A small gasp escaped from my lips at the surprise. My mothers skin wasn't that pale and that thin. What freaked me out even more was the fact that I was standing in front of the only entrance to the room.

I slowly turned around to face whoever was behind me. I was shocked to see an elderly woman -around her fifties- staring at me with emotionless black eyes. Her thin white hair was tied back in a neat bun and had a black ribbon tied around it. She wore a black long sleeved, turtle necked dress. The shoulders puffed out a bit with small traces of red in them. Around her waist was a red apron, with one pocket on the right side of it. Her black flat dress shoes were clean and in perfect condition, like her entire person. She looked like a maid from the old times. Everything here looked like it came from some other era.

My mind seemed to forget the entire English vocabulary, because I couldn't find any words to say. I was disappointed that my mother wasn't standing where this woman was. Not only that, but I was stunned at how emotionless she looked. It made chills crawl up my spine.

"Miss, you shouldn't be walking." she stated calmly. "The Master, wouldn't be pleased if you injured yourself… more."

Master? Miss? Did I slip into some other time, or something? I know no one would talk in such a way back at home. Maybe I was in a coma and having some sort of weird dream. That had to be it. The medication the doctors were giving me, was causing this weird dream.

I looked down at my hand which the woman still had. Her skin was almost as cold as ice. If she wasn't standing before me, I would of thought she was dead.

I shut my eyes tightly, and hissed as the pounding in my head worsened. All thoughts of this being a dream completely disappeared at that moment. I felt the woman's hands move to my shoulders as she started to slowly lead me back to the bed.

"Please, Miss, you still need rest." she said as calmly as her first statement.

I allowed her to help me back into the bed, realizing that it was futile to go walking around with a head injury. When the pain seemed to lessen a little, I looked up at the woman, who was fixing the blankets that were covering me.

"Um, excuse me, but what happened to me?" I asked. She stopped fixing the blankets and looked up at me.

"Why Miss, you don't remember?" she asked. When I didn't answer she sighed and ran her hands over the skirt of her dress.

"You hit your head." she said. Yeah… I realized that much. I thought.

"You've been unconscious for, about six days." I moved to sit up, but she immediately stopped me. She answered my question, but didn't really give me the information I wanted.

"How did I hit my head?" I asked. She just stood there and stared at me with those empty black eyes. It kind of gave me the creeps, the way she looked at me.

Her attention then went to the large painting over the fireplace. Funny, I hadn't seen that there a moment ago. I must have just overlooked it. I watched as the woman seemed to nod to the picture. She then started walking away. Strange woman…

"Wait!" I called after her. She stopped and turned to face me.

"You never told me your name." I said. I must of hit my head pretty hard to be worrying more about introductions, than what was really important. She seemed just as surprised as I, when the question left my lips. However, it didn't stop her from answering it.

"Forgive me, Miss, my name is Elaine." Her body bent in a ninety degree angle when she bowed to me. I could only imagine what pain she must have in her back.

"Please…" I raised my hand. "You don't need to bow to me." She looked up at me and nodded.

"If you will excuse me, Miss, I must return to my chores." Before I could object she was gone. I was alone again, in the eerily quiet room. Where I felt as if I were being watched. I couldn't stand to stay in the room any longer, so I shoved the blankets away realizing for the first time what I was wearing.

A slightly revealing nightgown. It barely covered the 'important' areas and was slightly see through. I gasped and grabbed the sheet from the bed, wrapping around me. There was no way I would have ever chosen to wear such a revealing outfit, nightgown or not.

I stumbled my way to the door and this time succeeded in opening it without any interruptions. I inhaled deeply and pulled the sheet tighter around my body. Then slowly I walked into the large dimly lit hallway. From what I could tell, a long red carpet ran along the center of the stone floor. I remained on that part of the hallway since I was barefoot, and the stone was cold.

"I'm glad to see you have awakened, Lucia." I spun around losing my balance. Strong hands grabbed my arms, preventing me from falling. When I recovered from my dizziness, I looked up to see who was holding me. I was met by a white smiling mask with red markings. It was surrounded by dark brown hair. The owner was a tall man wearing a black and grey striped tuxedo. The jacket was left unbuttoned to reveal his white un-tucked under shirt.

His white gloved hands had a firm grip on my arms, but were gentle at the same time.

"Your still too weak to be walking around." His voice was like velvet, and very attractive. My tongue felt like it was tied, because I couldn't get a word out of my dry lips.

"Here, I'll assist you into getting back to your room." His hand moved to my waist as he lead me back to my room. It was rather upsetting that I didn't get far in finding out where I was. Maybe this man would fill in the blanks that the maid left behind.

I stopped just before we entered the room, catching his attention. I struggled to find the correct words to say. Wondering why it was so hard to just ask a simple question. Where am I? One tiny little question and I couldn't get it out of my mouth. I could feel his gaze on my face as he waited for me.

"Miss, what's wrong?" he asked soothingly. My breathing seemed to halt at the very sound of his voice, and my heart rat spiked up.

"Miss?" he asked again, this time concern was in his voice. I shook my head and forced a small smile. He then helped me into the room and lead me over to the bed. I sat on it's edge and held the sheet around me tightly as I stared at the floor. Taking a deep breath I forced myself to look up at him.

"Please, sir, can you tell me where I am?" I managed to ask. My voice was barely above a whisper I was surprised he heard me.

"Your home." he said simply.

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