This is just a little humorous postcard that I wrote for my creative writing class. Hope you like it!

I Guess I'll Take My Chances With the Lightning

I stood in line at the little gas station. All I really wanted to do was pay for my tank of gas and leave. The fat lady in
front of me, however, was chatting amicably with the clerk, and she didn't look like she was going to move any time soon,
even with my help. I shifted on my feet and looked around for something to entertain me while I waited.

The isles of refrigerated soda and alcohol failed to hold my interest for long. My gaze lingered on the snack cake and candy
isle, but I forced my self to move on. I was beginning to despair when my eyes fell on a flashy California Lottery display
in the corner.

I glanced at the fat lady and the clerk. They were deep in conversation. It seemed safe to assume that they would be like
that for a while. There was no one else around. I casually wandered over to the display.

Super Lotto Plus! Daily 3! Scratchers! Fantasy Five! Big Spin 2000! Hot Spot! Daily Derby! The display proclaimed.
Hmmmmm. The jackpot for Super Lotto Plus was $47 million. Daily Three didn't look so good. A shared prize pool? No
thanks. It seems that Hot Spot and Big Spin were Scratchers' games. Wow, there are a lot of others too. Win instantly?
Too many choices. Some kind of horse thing for Daily Derby. Not interested.

I thought I might as well buy a Super Lotto ticket. The jackpot was pretty big, and the ticket was only a dollar. It wasn't

As I reached for the ticket, a voice spoke up behind me. "You know," the fat woman said, "you have a better chance of
getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery."

I stared at her, surprised. The hand that was reaching for the ticket dropped back to my side, ashamed of itself. The fat
lady, seeing I was not going to reply, waddled out of the store. I slowly made my way to the checkout counter.

"I guess I'll take my chances with the lightning," I said, smiling at the clerk.

He just gave me a dirty look and asked, "Pump?"