I didn't fully realize how much I depended on your being there
until you said;" I never said we weren't friends, but I never said we were either."
And it felt like a slow evisceration with a rusty shank.

You made this my fault, with that festering smile and your favorite excuse.
" I've apologized to you twice already what more do you want?"
So far, it has been impossible to say how much I want hate you.

This won't become reality, I refuse to accept that way this changed with the ticking of the clock. I miss you too much to stay mad; this could be over if you'd listen to me with out making me want to cry. All I want is to talk to you again.

All I really ever wanted, a best friend who wouldn't abandon me mid-conversation.

Moving on has been easier said then done when every time I see you smile I want to annihilate everything I ever liked about you and indulge my baser need of your destruction in the flashiest way possible so everyone will know who broke you and why.

It's not fair the way we ended up. Why do you get all the glory? When all I'm awarded are my pulsing bloody innards pooling on a dirty floor. What makes you so special?