Streetlights steal secrets the way you kiss boys away from their imperfections leaving them with less than they had before. You run your fingers through your hair and Cheshire grin like

Baby's Never. Been. So. Perfect.

But your lying, the way your fingers shake, your eye lashes flutter And his name flicks into your head

The streetlights flicker dirty orange that penetrates your skin & leaves you without a shadow. You think about him the way your tongue burns & you're longing for

The boy who will never break you're heart.

You crave him, like sugar & sharp edges wanting to rewind and fracture into the person you used to be

Broken. Unbreakable. Unbelieving

But you're stuck now stretched into pieces, chewed up and spat out, (but not the way you wanted)

He's an analogy of everything you ever needed & all the things that teared you apart. You look for love in hallmark but you're starting to think his hands on your wrists could never be more beautiful

that silly beautiful boy, half smiling at you. His eyes leaving traces of his unknowing,

(Thinking your something a little prettier than you really are.)

& You want his hands on your skin, your name on his lips stuttering perfection & pain. Just a memory you can throw away & forget. His hands on your curves, your body shaking. The only proof of a relapse the fingernail marks on his back

But he won't fuck (with) you. And you will never be able to forget.