Oh, there she goes.
Her voice, a timeless melody
The sun's harmony fits perfectly in her song,
and shines lovingly on her smile that is so kind.
I want to keep it, and call it mine;
Stick it in my pocket to add a little say
to just another ordinary day.
When winter comes and kills all hope,
she frolicks through the death surrounding
Within each step, the death melts
and hope begins to bud underneath the snow.
Her eyes welcoming an embrace so warm...
I want to keep safe in her arms, stay stuck within her love.
Beauty that shines a constallation upon my eyes,
Oh, there she goes.
Oh, is it a star? She is my star!
Sparkling in my eyes!
She tells me a story of nothing but truth,
speaking softly with the sun.
Speak again, I say; tell me everything I never heard before.
I want to wrap myself in your words,
remain secluded in your heart.
Oh, there she goes,
making her way into my life.
Melting away my sorrow along with winter's death,
Oh, star!
You shine up my sky.
Oh, love, you put a smile on my face.