So close. The spaces between them have been long gone. Nearly sleeping, the clouds still violently move past his eyes and she is still very aprehensive. He is silently trying to slip into her trust, for his heart is beat-beat-beating for her her her, only. Only her. Eyes open in slits, she sees his attempts to break through every barrier. She begins to sing softly under her warm breath, her words so gentle that it could melt all of the ice around them. Laying on top of the bed of grass, frost embedding inbetween every single blade, the lyrics that spill from her mouth fall upon the ground and even the wind is smiling now. Dreams racing. (But all of them have already come true.) There's no point in fabricating fantasies when you have all that you need. "Just let me in," he whispers. How could she even hear that soft murmur? She could see within his sleepy eyes that his heart was not light. The wind is blanketing them now, and they are tired.

"Don't worry," she tells him, "the bitter cold will awaken us."