Flowers are springing from the ground, dandelions and roses all around. The wind is fading and the cold is melting, everything living now surrounds the two. Heavy eyelids open with much force, seeing the soft sunlight is now filling his sight. His girl is next to him; her arms trusted inside of his, their fingers laced and locked together. Even through all of the winter, her face hadn't lost it's beauty to paleness. She awakens with his lips pressed to hers, and she presses back. Everything is living again, and breathing in the love they are radiating. With this newfound trust and beauty that has become of them, it's impossible for the world not to be livid. A smile irks his face as a tullip blooms behind his lover's eyes. "Look," she speaks, and the sky is clearing to a brighter blue. "You bright up the sky with your smile." He gazes at the sky brielfly, looks back into her loving eyes. "No," he replies, "the sky has brightened because of your waking up."