Descriptions are only as good as what they are based off of.
A free form poem, laughing as it doodles across the page,
Waving its arms in mock terror as it scampers away
From its arch-nemeses, Rhyming Scheme and Meter Man.
Describe these for me, then: A smile. A song. A tear. A leaf.
Small is the smile that graces you lips,
As I mention the word that triggers your memory of that time.
Lilting is the melody of that song you know you knew,
But can't believe you forgot to remember.
Soft is the tear that falls from a baby's eye
The same delicacy that your eyes hold as I let go your hand,
Windblown is the leaf as its impatient mother Wind sweeps it along
Late for the school bus again, as usual.

It could be that I'm plagiarizing nature...
But I didn't see a copyright. Did you?