the day that sunshine changes

it's only 7:32 am on a bus ride to school
with his blank stares, empty eyes
glasses covering his sorrow-filled heart
(even though the glass is transparent)
and the depths of his heart can be seen through the lens…

his beard growing slowly shows
all of the years that have passed him by
with hands on the wheel, he drives faster
forgetting the place in which he is…

he's alone in his rearview mirror,
melting away just like the snow around him,
and the orange leaves of yesterday
become hidden beneath the browning decay
another season gone, another one that passed him by.

and the wheels methodically turn
into the school's parking lot…
with his children gone, he leaves this place, too
the place in which he was apart of just yesteryear
at least that's how it seemed…

all the sounds from his tires,
lull his thoughts into winter hibernation…
he is lifeless, he is inanimate…
wondering how everything changed…

the vacant swing by the corner of the street,
watches tears fall down his eyes remembering
his only freedom from years prior
now the bondage to his past life.

and the traffic-clogged roads on billboard filled streets
further along on his journey are just the beginning
of the coming season of Christmas trees
and iridescent ornaments shining in the reflection
of white strings of lights in black nighttime skies.

and it's seasons like this (winter) that produce the days where
the sunshine changes.