It was summer time. Being the boring and unexciting person that I am, sitting under the shade on the beach to draw has become a daily routine. You would not be able to say that I am a weird, hormonally inactive teenage girl because I do realize the benefits of sitting by the beach. Let's just say that the view of hard muscles from where I am seated is pretty fine.

Looking around the beach and the sea, I searched for a muse, that bright spark of inspiration to send me sketching. There are only so many dead inanimate things you want to draw on the beach. Out at sea I found what I had been looking for - a brightly clad figure.

Correction: semi-brightly clad.

He paddled up to the top of the swelling wave. Reaching the pinnacle, he hopped upright onto his surfboard at the same time the wave started to curl in a near perfect semicircle. He cut through the curve of the wave and blazed through the arc the way you see surfers do on blue crush.

To say I was mesmerized was an understatement.

My trance broke when he tethered and slid off his surf board, disappearing off into the sea. The wave broke over him, pouring gallons of water on top of him. The last thing I saw was his surf board flying up and crashing back on to the sea in a slap. I shot up from the ground and ran to the edge of the sea, waiting for his head of blonde hair to resurface.

It never did.

A million light bulbs flashed in my mind. I could feel the adrenaline from panic coursing through my veins. Throwing off my slippers, I jumped into the sea. I fought against the current, forcing each stroke through the cool water. As the initial adrenaline wore off, I could feel the ache and weakness from swimming out into the open ocean set in.

Fine, I shouldn't have insisted that drawing counted as exercise.

Seeing his bright yellow surfboard, I pushed through the water with renewed vigor. As I got nearer to it, I noticed him clinging on to his surf board, slipping off into the water every few moments. Reaching him a few more violent strokes, I shook him gently to get his attention. He was dazed, and blood started trickling down his forehead only to be washed away with each wave.

Holy crap.

I hoisted him up onto his surfboard and grabbed his hands reassuringly.

"You'll be fine."

He tried to mumble something, but gave up after a string of soft and incoherent words. I grabbed onto the surfboard and tugged it after me, pushing through the water with only my left arm. Going through each yard was like a few moments in absolute hell. Only his constant groaning reminded me of the need to get back to shore. Fast.

After many mouthfuls of disgusting sea water, numb arms that could drop off for all I care and enough exercise to last a lifetime I could see the beautiful comforting yellow sand ten meters away.

I love solid ground from today onwards.

I shifted behind him and pushed the surfboard towards shore. No thanks to the moon's revolution around earth, resulting in tides and all the winds from who-knows-where, a strong wave came and slammed a wall of water into my face.

I resurfaced, sputtering errant seaweed out of my mouth and found to my utter, terrible, horrendous disbelief, an empty surfboard. I started to panic, finding cold horror flooding me. I dived under, forcing my eyes open to look for him. Finding his legs, I grabbed and hoisted them upwards. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed and propelled as fast as I could towards the shore.

Barely on the water edge, I bent down over him and checked his breathing.

Oh hell.

Frantically searching his torso, I placed my clasped hands just slightly below his chest and pressed. With every three desperate push, I forced his mouth open and puffed air in.

Oh god, did I just kiss him?

This is so not how I envisioned my first to be.

He sputtered, coughing water out of his mouth. He winced and reached up to touch the wound on his forehead. He tried to rub the bruise behind his head. I swatted his hand away and rubbed it for him.

"Are you ok?"

He squinted at me, seemingly unable to focus.

"I can't see you clearly. I lost my contacts somewhere in the sea."

We sat in silence for a few awkward moments before he said.

"Thanks for er…yeah…er…saving me. I don't even know your…"

"Eric! Where the hell are you?"

I looked towards the source of the voice and turned back to him with an apologetic smile.

"I've got to go. Take care!" With that I scrambled off, feeling my heart beating just a little faster and ignoring his repeated calling.

Three days after I had saved Blondie (yes, we shall call him Blondie now instead of Eric because I do not want to sound like I know him really well), I got pulled out of my house by the three greatest friends on earth, Florie, Scott and Sebastian.

To top of with the cherry, also known as my dearest darling eight-year old brother, I was unknowingly fed with dumb cane.

Can you believe it?! I knew that it was too good to be true when he gave me that smoothie for free. And, I should not have brought him that encyclopedia which dedicated a chapter on poisonous plants. And, I should have known something was up when he sniggered to himself and said.

'Imagine Ariel dumb. Haha! Ohh…a pun.'

Yes, I know, an eight-year old's idea of a good pun is pathetic.

And, I should not have insulted his poor ego.

"Yeah, I'm dumb and you're dumber."

Poor punning genes run in the family.

Well…back to the current situation. If you have not noticed, I get really bad verbal diarrhea. Right now, I am seated here in some rather tight-fitting mini black dress that all three of my best friends had deemed "cute!" at first glance and promptly forced me into. Teenage parties are not really as glamorous as people deem them to be. I mean…how cool is getting drunk and snogging some random guy passing by?

I told you right at the start that I was boring.

Looking round the room for the aforementioned three friends who had abandoned me the moment we entered, I saw a familiar head of blonde hair. Blondie turned away from his group of chatting best friends and caught me staring at me. He smiled and started walking towards me.

Okay. Not good at all.

"Hey! I'm Eric."

Hey! I'm Ariel.

I opened my mouth to say those words out but, of course, nothing came out. He stared at me gaping and opening my mouth like a gasping fish before venturing awkwardly.

"Er…Do you have a sore throat?"

I shook my head.

"You don't want to talk to me?"

I rolled my eyes and shook my head again. Men and their fragile ego. Seriously.

"So…are you mute?"

I shook my head before considering for a moment and nodded violently. He raised his eyebrows before breaking out into a smile.

"Well…I guess I'll be having a one-sided conversation.

I pouted and gave him a sad, how-can-you-not-want-to-talk-to-me puppy look.

"Okay…that look gets me every time…Why are you here alone?"

I considered for a moment before holding up three fingers.


I shook my hands with an imaginary person and hugged the air.

"Good friends?"

I pretended to pull my arm away from an invisible force and dramatically appeared to fail miserably, dragging myself across the floor.

"I know! Dragged you here!"

I nodded my head enthusiastically. I dropped my hands abruptly before wringing my fingers at him in a fluttering sort of goodbye and scooted off a distance. Returning back to my seat, I looked at him expectantly.

"Er…And abandoned you?"

I sulked and nodded my head empathically. He laughed and surprised me with a big hug.

"Don't be sad, I'll be here to keep you company."

I know my face looks like a baboon's butt now.

"Hey Eric! Come dance with me."

We looked up to see a scantily-clad girl in a super mini skirt-correction-underwear and tight spaghetti-top latching herself onto Eric's (let's call him Eric now) arm.


The girl pouted her lip-gloss drowned lips and tugged on Eric's arm.

"You promised me!"

Eric hesitated and turned around to me.

"I'm sorry…So I'll see you around?"

I shrugged and nodded. Watching them walk away, I glared daggers at the girl. If only looks could kill, her skin cells will be dead now – if they were not already from being suffocated by her six-inch makeup and obnoxious perfume.

What! I'm NOT jealous.

I found the three of them, loitering around suspiciously around the punch bowl. Trudging through the sweaty crowd, I jumped onto Sebastian.


Okay…nothing came out.

They stared at me silently for a moment before breaking out into hilarious laughter.

What the hell! Stop laughing at me! Don't make me kick your…

"Ass! Bloody hell!"

Let's just say that when you think that you are mute and you are frustrated and screaming mentally, the volume is actually louder than you think. Haha.

The room fell silent at my outburst. Ignoring them, I started flailing my arms and hugging all three of them at the same time.

"Ahh! Testing one, two, three. I got my voice back! Now I'm going home to scream at Tristan for feeding me dumb cane."

I turned around and sauntered out of the party. I could hear the three of them coughing and hacking from excessive laughing. Turning around to glare at them for one last time, I saw Eric looking at me intently with a strange, pondering look on his handsome face.

Backtrack! Did I just say that? No! I'm turning into a sniveling, hyperventilating, rabid fan girl!

As much as my pride would not like to admit…

I miss him.

Now leave me alone to nurse my broken heart.

I took out my slightly blunt pencil to refine the lines of his chiseled face and to darken a few strands of his hair with a smile on my face. Looking out to the sea again, I unconsciously searched it for Eri….er…seagulls!

I reached into my bag, searching for a piece of tissue. No! Not to cry…to smudge the sharp lines of the breaking wave!

You people always assume things.

A strong wind blew past and snatched my drawing. Biting back a curse, I set down my backing and ran after it. The stupid piece of paper flew a good twenty meters before deciding to be merciful and settled down near the edge of the water. Bending down to pick it up, I rammed straight into the hard chest of someone.


"Sorry! Are you okay?"

I looked up to see a pair of amused green eyes staring back at me. He picked up the drawing and looked at it curiously. Raising an eyebrow, he surveyed me suspiciously before handing me the paper.

"Is it just me…or is that surfer me?"


He chucked and leaned in closer to me.

"After your last outburst, I would believe that you have lots of things to say."

Here goes my verbal diarrhea.

"Er…I'm so sorry for ramming into you! And yes…the person is you! You can have the drawing! Don't sue me for violating your privacy. You see…I was really bored and I was looking for something to draw and you know there are only so many times you want to draw sea shells…besides there are creepy-crawlies laying ambush inside some…"

"Woah! Hold up!"

He grinned and reached out to give me a strong hug. He ruffled my hair before holding me by the shoulders.

"This just proves what I thought."


"Thanks for saving me. But I think you owe me something…"

He waited for me to reply but I stared at him in sheer confusion. Sighing, he ran his hand through his sun-bleached blonde hair and stared at me in the eyes.

"You took my first kiss."

Crap…he knows!

"That was my first too…" I mumbled softly under my breath.

The sly smile that crossed his face was brighter than the sparkle in his eyes.

"What did you say again?"

"You heard me! I had no choice! I couldn't just let you die you know! Since I didn't have a straw with me to stick into your mouth to blow air into, I had to you know…mouth-to-mouth. That wasn't what I envisioned my first to be too! It was all salty and wet and you were just lying there like a dead fish and…"

He cut off my rambling speech with an eager kiss. Soft lips pressing into mine, caressing it, rubbing gently against it and urging me to open my mouth before a warm tongue slid in.


We finally broke off for air. He laid his hand on my cheeks and leaned his forehead against mine. Rubbing my blushing cheeks with his thumb, he smiled.

"How was that for a second kiss?"

"Boy! Are you an effective charcoal pill for verbal diarrhea!"