A silent tear rolls down
My cheek. So delicate and smooth.
Green and blue colour me red
To match my swollen eyes.
'I can't take it'
I scream at the mirror.
My reply of 'I hate you'
Makes me fall to the floor.

It's one of those months,
That should have been a day
Where all goes horrible wrong.
The tiny things hurt so much
And the big so much more.

Happiness seems scarce
When it was so fierce
And now it's all gone away.

It's that time of year again
Where everyone sings and cheers
And you're the big bad scrooge.
What a time to feel alone;
As the walls feel like they're closing in.

Another silent tear rolls down
My cheek as the rain falls harder to the floor.
How can something you love,
Seem so far away?
Seperated by a wall.

I miss the one who made me like this,
A blubbering mess on the bathroom floor.
Such a pretty picture,
Of a pretty girl
Wallowing in her own despair.
Snap. Snap. Snap.

I miss him, I hate him.
I miss him, I hate him.
I miss him, I hate him.
I miss him.