All credit for this poem goes to my Mom. I just uploaded it.

Letter From Camp

I'm writing a letter to Mom

To tell her about the camp.

I'll tell her about the forest,

And the cabins dark and damp.


I could mention Old Mad Jack,

Who fell in the lake at night.

And I'll mention the beautiful hill,

With the view of the chicken fights.


I'll mention the nature walks,

And flowers and clean fresh air.

And the uncooked worm at dinner

That gave Pricella a scare


I'll include the names of friends

And the fort of mud we made.

And the Ms. Beautiful Turtle Contest,

And the midnight panty raids.


I could talk upon the slide

And the swing on Old Man Willow

I'll mention the practical jokes,

Like the eggs in John's green pillow


I could mention my new pet snake,

Which I'm bringing home to stay.

And the unidentified spitball

Which hit Mike, who got in my way.


I could talk about the breakfast,

Which a counselor blew up with a bomb.

But when writing out the letter,

I can't seem to get past, "Dear Mom."