I was caught out

Things seemed okay

For that day

The email

Was nothing different

I figured she just

Wanted Murry Marathon information

But later I found out

When I got home

And everything was good

But I was caught

I had lied I knew it was wrong

But I was tired

Sick of falling behind everyone

Finding everything too much

Is not easy

Laura didn't want to go either

So we made up a plan

Well really it was me

Saying 'don't worry'

Or 'what the worst to happen?'

But little did I know

I can't lie all that well over the phone

Or that she could contact my teacher

She asked me what happened

I said my lie with a flick of worry

She asked if I wanted to change what I had said

My mind when into over load

I was caught I knew it

She had asked my teacher

The teacher proved my story to be wrong

She slapped my face


That was all I felt

Then the shaking came in waves

She asked for Laura's number

I tried to say that she was not to blame

Don't get her involved

But she got the number and called

My iPod taken from me

Along with ear phones

Sent to my room

Eye watering not from tears

Oh no I swear she wont make me cry

But her nail had flicked my eye

In that slap

Only one eye watering

Cheek burning

Now as I sit here and write

I don't even know if I get dinner

Not only is my iPod gone for a week

But I'm banned from the internet

Until the New Year

If it was only that MSN

Was all I was missing

I don't mind that much

But other things I need to do

I have fanfic's

Both to update on and read

If it was just the reading

It would no be so bad

But not only did I get Laura,

My best friend into trouble

But my readers will miss

Things that I write

I have let them down.

Yes I should be punished

I was wrong

So I punish myself

Stitching the pin down my arm

The word 'sorry' now on my arm

She punished me too

The iPod

The internet

Are fine
But the slap…if only I had proof.