Farewell Love

By: Simple Wish

Time doesn't really heal wounds.

It just leaves scars, and those tend to not fade away

The pain doesn't stop,

Just blends in with everything else that's there

You're just jealous because we're young

And can always discover how to love again

Everybody wake up and hear the sounds

Of her heart breaking forever

Take what you can get

Misplace the rest

Lock up the mind

Throw away the keys

Close your flickering TV screens

Give a deserved rest to those memories

Stop reminiscence the days where summers were superior

And school days where the time was so easygoing

You were a match made in heaven

But now as moments drip off the clock, tauntingly

As you lay in the hospital bed

Dieing from a heart that's out of order

You may be the lawyers daughter but

I'm best dang arguer in terms of winning

And I know death's knocking,

I can hear your heart stuttering

And I can see your low fuel light on

So hears a word of advice for the next life

Love like no other

Wait for nothing

Be patient for everything

Try everything

Take no prisoners

And sweetie, Honests the best policy


You don't recover from a love like this

So save yourself and give it up