And on the Sixth Day, God created me.

I can define myself only as 'me' because I have gone by many different names over the years and don't view any one permutation as being dominant. I am what I am.

My journey has been long and, at times, a struggle. That's not to say that I'd change anything at all. Far from it. I believe that everything I've ever done or said, whether right or wrong, has served a purpose. I've been made to consider my existence and the morality of it. I've been forced to understand the meaning of life without being force fed the answer.

And I am eternally grateful for that.

I'm sure that one day, you too will arrive at the point I've reached now. You have to. I can't see that there is any other way. The length of time it takes you to get to this point, though, is down to you. However, I can assure you that if it takes you seventy years or seventy-thousand years, you'll still feel the same sense of satisfaction at the end, knowing that you haven't cut any corners.

I've said enough now. It's time for me to reap the rewards of my efforts and watch your quest unfold. Good luck.

Hopefully, you'll find something to help you along your way in my story. This is my final gift to the world.