The man stood over the woman. His hands held her up; one behind her back, the other cradled her head. At her throat was his face. The darkness that surrounded them left so much up to the imagination. The couple could have been sharing a goodnight kiss, if they had been anywhere near an apartment, or, as I knew, he could be a vampire killing this unfortunate woman as I stared in awe.

Well, I knew what was going on. Anyone who was just passing by would believe the first, but not me. I had been searching for too long. Following unexplained deaths, disappearances, and mysterious people. They had finally led me here, Pelwick Park, Melda, Ohio.

The cool night air brushed wisps of ebony hair across my face as I continued to watch the scene. I gathered my courage slowly, although fear was the overriding feeling still. The vampire did not look up until I was within arms reach of him, but when he did I froze in fear.

The woman fell from his arms and plopped on the ground, which was still muddy from the rain earlier in the evening. Before I could react I was in his arms, my back to him. I could not move from his grasp, but I was not hurt. "Little writer, is there something you need?" he asked, his voice teasing.

"Yes." My voice was a whisper, but steady.

"Well do tell me what it is. I am just dying to know." I could hear a smile.

I inhaled slowly. "You must know what it is, you know who I am."

He laid a light kiss on my neck. "Yes I do," he said softly into my neck. Then I was on my back in the grass. He threw something near me and disappeared.

I cursed as I reached over to retrieve the item. He had known. I had not thought of that, but I believed had prepared myself for everything.

I treaded back to my black 99 Honda Accord. Unlocking the cars from a distance, I quickly climbed in. The overhead light burned brightly in the darkness of the night. I held up what the vampire had thrown into the grass, a burgundy pouch. I slowly opened the bag. Inside I found a gift; a ring, but not just any ring, a ring with the vampire's signet engraved into it. I slid the cool silver over my middle finger and stared into the garnet longingly. I knew what it meant.

I reached inside the bag again and pulled out the paper and read it silently. Then again to make sure I understood it.

Come to me my little one

All your dreams come true

Your questions answered

This is all I offer you

Protection granted

Faith instilled

From mine to yours

With this ring it's true

Ask anything

And you will find

Your wishes, your dreams

Are what I give to you

I will answer your questions

My knowledge untold

Never one step closer

Unless you are bold

I'll give you what you ask

What you ask and nothing more

Your safe within the walls I rule

For the ring is yours

Good Luck

Enter upon your own free will


Finally, I started car and drove home, deciding to deal with the gifts after I got some sleep. I hadn't slept in two days.

Once inside my condo building, I could better see the ring. I noticed an inscription on the side. It looked like Latin, but I was too tired to care.

By the time I had taken a shower, it was after dawn and all I wanted to do was fall into bed.