A knock on my bedroom door awakened me the next morning. A few seconds later the light on my bedside table released a burst of bright light into the dark room. "Wake up," a man's voice called to me as its body shook my shoulder.

The voice took my sleepy consciousness a minute to place. "Go away David, I just got to bed."

"What time?" he asked genuinely concerned.

"About an hour after dawn, more or less," I told him rolling my head back into the pillow to protect my sensitive eyes.

"Jesus girl, why were you out so late?"

"Why do you think, David? I haven't been sitting on my ass these past few weeks while you have been worrying about the deadline for my novel."

"I know what you have been doing. I was only worried. You should have called."

I sighed and rolled over, "I got in at dawn, I was thinking about sleep, not calming your fears."

"Well, maybe you should have, then I would not have had to wake you up this early."

"You only woke me up this early because you have a meeting at nine and an hour drive from here to your office."

"That is not true. I wanted to come out and see how you were because if you were missing I could file a missing persons report faster," he smiled. "Go back to sleep. I'll come back later tonight for our meeting."

"I won't be here later tonight. I'll call you and set up a meeting soon."

"I'm sorry?" he asked. There was a hint of confusion in his voice.

"I have a date tonight. I am not sure when I will be back."

He looked at me. "You can not be serious. You expect me to believe that you have a date. When would you have time to get one?" He held his hand up to stop me from speaking. "I will be waiting for you to come home tonight. If you are not here by midday tomorrow I will be calling the cops. Give me the address now, just in case," he ordered.

"I can't. I would be in more trouble if I told you."

"Tara, no. You are not going to endanger yourself for a book."

"David, you can't stop me."

"You'd be surprised at what I could do."

I sighed. "David, you are going to be late for your meeting if you do not leave soon." He glared at her. "I will be fine," I promised.

David sat down on the edge of the bed and met my eyes calmly. "Can you at least try and call me, just so I know that you are safe? Your novel is not more important than your life Tara. You can write another book, I can't find another you."

"I can't promise anything David. I don't know what it is going to be like."

"Is that the best I am going to get?" he asked me, rising off the bed. I nodded and rolled back over. "Fine. Get some sleep, you are probably going to need it, and call me when you can."

"Bye David. Talk to you soon."

"You better Tara," he whispered turning off the bedroom light.

David meant well, I knew, but that did not stop him from being over protective. He is more like a father than my own at this point. After working together for five years it was not surprising, but it was still annoying. "Oh well," I said quietly to myself, "he would learn to deal sooner or later. Right now I need sleep." With that final thought, I allowed sleep to pull me under.

AN: Yes I know it is short...sry...And the rest will be in third person...why I ever started writing in first I don't know...I hate first person!