-1For my Father and Grandfather

A Reflection

I watch him sometimes, Grandpa,

When he is driving, or eating dinner,

In those fair few

Peaceful moments of silence.

And sometimes,

I enter his space,

That home office where we see him

Professional and always busy.

Yes, I see him there too.

But beyond that, I see within.

I know you're there, Grandpa.

I never knew your voice or strength,

But somehow I know

You are teaching me too.

I see you in my fathers eyes,

In the happy shine, and stern cold,

I hear you in his laugh

And in the calm brooding sigh

At the end of the day.

And I know he feels wronged

That you were gone so suddenly.

You gone now longer than here,

That you never met me, or my mother,

That you never saw them wed,

It touches us all.

But Grandpa, I promise,

You are well followed in him.

My father, my uncle,

Together create a man,

A soul too great for this world,

A heart so big,

Too big for one body,

That it created

Two brothers hearts

And two new daughters,

And five grandchildren.

We all know you are here, Grandpa.

You're in their stories and smiles,

And their memories.

And now that I think about it,

Though the loss was undoubtedly great,

I know well

You never left.

Meredith Nussbaum

Thursday, January 25, 2007