Ok, so I have my computer up and running, actually it's a different one but whatever. This is something new that's been in my head for awhile and it is darker then my norm. It dose lighten up, but later. I hope this will tide you guys over while I get Tea at Twilight straightened out. I've got some Major writers block with that one. Anyway, I hope you like this one, Sage it one of my favorite charters. .


Can You Fight The Wolf In Me?

Chapter 1

When Sage Andrews was a little girl, she lived with her pack out in the country in this old farm house. The house was ten miles away from the little country town that they sometimes shopped in and there was no one else around. Perfect for a rather small werewolf pack to live peacefully.

The human had only know about the existence of were's and vampires and the like for a handful of years and for the most part they were less then welcoming.

The Andrews pack didn't mind, they were far enough away that the humans didn't bother them. They were an un-aggressive pack; they kept to themselves and didn't feel the need to stir things up. The human town of Landon was with in the Andrews pack territory and while the humans didn't know it, that kept them safe from the more predatorily creatures out there.

Werewolves are protective of there pack and they are very loving creatures. So much so that two wolves can't really be in the same room with touching in some away. The physical contact give a sense of security, of belonging, and of over all love.

The pack is always together, in little groups. No one is ever really alone and they like it that way. It's there nature.

Sage was a very normal wolf cub, she liked to run and hunt, though she was still considered much to young to go out on the big hunt with the bulk of the pack, and she loved her brother Leon.

Leon was nineteen years old and those two suck together like they were joined at the hip. Sage would often follow him around, and while he was doing things like book work or chores she would play quietly on the floor of that room. Sage ate when he did, ran when he did, and it was Leon that curled up with her in their wolf form when it was storming outside. Thunder scared her.

It is because of that bond and her wolves' nature that what happened on one winter afternoon was so very tragic for Sage, she had been only six years old at the time. Not but a cub, in her eyes there was no evil in the world and nothing bad could ever happen.

A single afternoon was all it took to change that perspective.

It was a very normal day for the Andrews pack. Everyone was home, resting up for the big hunt that was planned for that evening. Sage would be staying behind of course and Leon had opted to stay behind this time too, to look after her and the three others that were too young to go.

Leon was sitting at the kitchen table, the radio was on, and he was drawing in one of his sketch pads. He did that a lot and sometimes he even sold his work, Leon was a great artist.

Sage had been sitting on the floor in front of the sink, playing with a set of small wooden wolves that Leon had made for her last birthday. Sage could smell the sweet scent of raisin bread baking in the oven and she could hear others in the house.

There was a very sudden and loud crack. Sage jumped, but she wasn't alarmed, she didn't recognize the sound for what was. Leon did, his head snapped up and after all of a second he bolted from the room like his tail was on fire. He paused only long enough to tell little Sage to stay put.

Leon left and Sage was left alone, she stood up and listened but didn't follow him. He had told her to stay, and she always did what her brother told him.

That's when all hell broke loose. She heard a scream, high pitched and full of terror, it froze the blood in her veins. In the next second Leon was back and white under his tan. He scooped her up in her arms as the Crack sounded again and looked around, there were know doors in the kitchen other then the one that lead into the front hall were he'd just come from.

Leon yanked open the cupboard under the sink and he gave her one hard hug. Then he shoved her under there and crouched, whispering to her.

"Sage, there are humans here and they have guns. Stay here and don't make a sound. I'll protect you." And then he closed the door. The trouble with old cupboards was that they never really shut all the way and she could still see through the tiny sliver of an opening.

She saw Leon turn and face the door. Her brother phased while standing there, morphing to his Werewolf form, instead of his wolf forum. As a werewolf Leon was six feet even with firm muscles rippling under solid black fur. His muzzle was long and his whole body was sleek, much better looking then those monsters that Hollywood preferred.

Leon took a defensive stance and as the kitchen door banged open two human came in, guns raised. Leon's hackles went up and his lips peeled away from his white teeth, and he stared at them for a two full second with his bright blue eyes.

Then the humans recover, they hadn't been expecting to meet on of the wolves in this form, not when it was common knowledge that these were's preferred there animal and human selves. One of them swung his gun up and Leon lunged. From other places in the house Sage could hear the snarls and screams of her pack mates and she could also hear that noise that she now knew was gunfire.

Leon swiped his claws at the men and gutted on of them, the second one shot him. Leon roared in more anger then pain and he moved to put himself between the human and Sage. He snarled at the on who'd shot him and he jumped at the intruder, the man shot him again, this time it was just below Leon throat and the wolf was knocked backwards. Leon land in front of Sages cupboard, he was already dead.

Sage had tear streaming from her wide terror fill eyes and both hands clapped over her mouth. She was dead quite and after a few more minutes of gunfire and anguished snarls so was the house. The only sound she heard was the ticking of the clock over the stove and the footsteps of the humans.

The kitchen door opened and Sage watched as five more humans came in, all with guns. They were all bloody but they seem proud of themselves. Sage hated them.

"You ok Jim?" One of the new men asked her brothers murder.

"Yeah, I'm fine but that big bastard over there," He pointed at Leon. "Killed Roger before I brought him down."

The one who'd spoken shook his head. "That too bad, Roger was a good man. We also lost Andy, Mat, Ryan and Keith."

Jim swore and was silent from a moment. "Did we get them all Clark?"

Clark nodded and he grinned along with the rest of there group. "Yeah, we got all those good for nothing monsters. We can sleep easy tonight, knowing that they won't be out there stalking the town."

Sage kept her hands placed firmly against her moth and prayed that they couldn't hear her shaking.

The men behind Clark were nodded and murmuring there agreement. One of them said, "I'm sure as hell glad we got rid of them before they started killing in town." There were more sounds of agreement and nodding.

Jim took a few steps toward the door. "Come on boys, we need to let some families know they lost some damned fine men."

"What about the bodies?" Asked a man with blood covering his right arm.

"Leave 'em to the rats." Jim spat. And he walked out, followed by the rest of the vigilante group.

It was a good half hour of silence before Sage dared move. She could only get the cupboard door open enough to just about wiggle through and when she was finally free she stood and stared at Leon's body. Sage touched his now cold fur and she choked back a sob. Carefully the little girl closed his blue eyes and then she turned and crept through the rest of the house.

She found them, her pack mates, her family, one by one. All dead. Blood was everywhere.

Her mother and father were together in the sitting room were the Christmas tree was set up. The shining packages under the tree were blood spattered. A little way behind them, hidden half behind the tree was her young brother and sister. They were, they had been twins. Three years old.

She'd been about to leave the room when her name written on a small package under the tree caught her eye. Sage looked at it and then she reached over and picked it up. It read: To Sage, From Leon.

She tucked the green wrapped box into the pocket of her sweatshirt and made her way back to the kitchen. She tried hard not to look at the faces of her loved ones but she couldn't help it. And as she went through the house she closed everyone's eyes, and touched there faces for the last time.

In the kitchen Sage stood there, at a loss of what to do. Then she finally broke down and cried. Sage sobbed into her brothers black coat while she clung to his lifeless frame. She cried from a long time, she cried until her eyes were swollen and her throat was raw, and then she cried some more. Sage fell asleep right there, curled into her brother like she always did when she was scared.

When Sage woke up in was morning, she could hear bird's outsides and sunlight streamed into the kitchen. The first thing she saw was her brothers black fur.

"Leon," She said, shaking him. "Leon wake up, it's morning." That's when the scent of blood hit her nose and the day before came rushing back. Her eye's burned but no tears leaked out, she didn't have any left.

Sage sat there, leaning on Leon and she spoke to him softly. She knew he wasn't going to answer, not ever again, but she had to talk to someone.

"Leon, why did those men come here? What did we do to make them hate us so much?" She waited, like she was giving him a chance to answer. "Leon…I'm alone." The realization hit her hard. She was alone, for the first time ever. There was no one to be with her, no one to touch, or to run with.

"Leon. Leon what do I do? Please tell me." She begged in a whisper, but he said nothing. "Leon..." Sage stood up fast and back away. Leon was dead, everyone was dead, and she was alone.

"No." Sage whispered, panic rising in her chest. "No," She said louder. "I don't want to be alone." She turned on her heel and ran through the house, shouting now. "Mattie! Kim! ...please! Markus! Charlie!" There was only silence. "Peter! Annie! Everybody! You guys gotta' wake up! Please! I don't want to be Alone! Please Wake up!"

Sage turned around and bolted back to the kitchen, completely panicked now. She banged through the door. "Leon!"

He was still there, but he didn't catch her up in his arms like she wanted him to. He didn't stroke her black air and tell her it would all be alright. He didn't move.

Sage took a shuttering breath and then she spotted the little green wrapped box on the floor next to her brother. She felt in her pocket and the box from before wasn't there, it must have fallen from her pocket.

Sage picked it up and then she carefully tore open the paper. It was a with cardboard box, and inside, laying on a bit of cotton, was a thin metal chain with a little metal wolves paw dangling from it. She put the box on the floor and held the necklace in her hands. She loved it. Sage fancied it around her neck and as the cool metal settled on her skin, she suddenly knew what she needed to do.

A strange detached calm settle over her and she walked from the house to the garage were she knew the gas was kept. She picked the canister and started with the upstairs, she doused everything she could. When that canister was gone and when back for the second. She did the front hall and the last room she did was the kitchen.

Sage poured gasoline onto the floor and the counters. She made a ring around Leon, careful not the get gas on him, because she knew he hated the way it smelt.

When that one was empty she got the matches out of the kitchen junk draw and stood before her brother. Sage knelt down and she place a gentle kiss on his forehead. Then she stood. "Leon … I love you."

With that Sage turned and went down the front hall to the front door. She opened it and the gazed back into her home, a puddle and gas at her feet.

"Don't worry everyone," Sage called back into the home and struck a match. "I won't let the rats get you." And Sage let the match fall.

Flames whooshed along her gas trails and in a minute the house was burning. Sage turned and looked over the back field, and then she started running. The girl leaned forward, lept and phased. It didn't even hurt, she was to numb. Sage land on four strong legs, it was the fastest she'd ever phased.

So Sage ran, long flames leaping from the place she'd called home. Her white coat blended with the snow and when she hit the tree line the sunny little girl named Sage Andrews was vanished.

The creature that was left in her place was a young white she-wolf with silver eyes. She was aggressive, had a hatred for humans. So she kept running, deep into the forest of northern America. She had to keep moving, had to keep traveling. She had a purpose; she just had to find it.

Her name was Sage; and she was alone.