The Prophecy

Over a century ago, a war broke out between the pirates and the nobles. Before the war, the pirates worked together with the nobles in harmony. The nobles would send out the pirates to find treasure. One day a treasure map was discover, a map to the legendary fountain of youth. However, this discovery lead to war. They fought over the map. It was a merciless and bloody war. Pirates massacre the noble's villages while the nobles hunted down and massacre the pirates' family and towns. Hundreds of women and children lost their lives. No one could escape the destruction of the war.

During this terrible war, there lived an orphan girl. She was young when she lost her parents to the war and didn't know which side she belonged to. In response, she decided to go to village to village and help those who had nothing left no matter who they were. She always wore a smile bright as the sun, she took nothing from the forest until she gave her thanks to Mother Nature, and she respect the power the sea as she knew if she didn't it brought nothing but bad luck.

One night the girl was exhausted from taking care of the injure villagers and accepted an offer to stay the night at a villager's home. That night the village was caught in a battle between the nobles and pirates. Screams of dying villagers broke out in the middle of night. The girl woke up and ran to ask for the fighting to stop. But when she stepped outside, she saw that it was hopeless. They had lost their humanity.

The girl got down on her knees and began to pray to the sea goddess, Pelagia, the guardian of the fountain of the youth. "Sea Goddess Pelagia, please forgive our greed for youth and immortally. In our hunt for immortally we lost our humanity and now innocent women and children pay the price with their lives. Please stop this pointless, bloody war. In exchange I shall sacrifice my life to you," prayed the girl. Before the goddess could reply, the girl was stab in the heart. The girl fell to the ground. Dead. The villagers trample over the girl's body as they try to escape with their lives.

The goddess watched in horror. Not one person mourned for the girl who sacrificed her time to help them in their time of need. In rage, the goddess built a deadly storm. Her voice became thunder as she shouted, "Halt mortals!" Fighting ceased as everyone fell to their knees before the sea goddess. "I am taking the map to the treasure you all so desire so much, back from you bloody, greedy mortals. Never again shall such a war will break out or I'll destroy everything with this storm." Lighting spread across the sky becoming the hand of the goddess as the map disappeared from the face of the earth.

The goddess descended to earth to where the orphan girl's body laid. She picked up the girl's dead trample body. With the girl's body in her arms the goddess said

"A girl will be born,

She will be the map to the fountain of youth,

She will be the key to the fountain of youth.

Her hair will be as golden as the sun,

Her eyes will be that of the forest,

And her knowledge of the sea will be fearsome.

Mankind will yearn for her,
Waiting for her to bloom,
And when she blooms, she shall spread her poison.

On her sixteenth birthday

Sixteen candles will be lit

And the wind will slowly blow out each candle.

As each candle goes out it will signify
The ending of one life

And the beginning of a new one

Her fate be decided through her choices

As she learns who to trust

And who will be her strength.

When she finally reaches the fountain
She will be tested on her strength;

She will be tested on her trust."

The goddess disappeared taking the orphan girl's body with her. The war ended and everyone return home to rebuild. They return their normal happy lives before the war, forbidding to speak even a word about that night. However, the pirates and nobles remained bitter enemies.

As time went by the prophecy was forgotten. The fear that another war would break out kept many from passing it on to their children, but a few never forgot the prophecy. The prophecy was passed onto the next generation as the fountain of youth slowly became myth.

This is a rough idea how the prologue is going to be like for the most part. When I have the time I will go back and rewrite it making it flow better. I haven't made up my mind if I want to expand it more in detail or leave it short like how it would be pass down from generation to generation like it is now.