...and I am awake but I almost cannot survive through their clamoring voices. I struggle through strife in a once gleaming city, or so I thought. Winds grow more harsh and somber and the isolation of winter settles in. All of these bonds over the past two years have ruptured and I still keep letting them talk.

They bring upheavel in my "home" and all I can do is smile with all the disarry around me. I will take another sip to forget this dilapidating city around me. This place is never my sanctuary, my comfort.

I count the hours until the weekend abounds, because I cannot face to watch the daylight stinging my eyes. I feel as if every being penetrate my eyes and I writhe and writhe, wishing I had no human contact. I can only confide in her.

Give me some color so I can saturate this void that has been vacant for too long.