The things I've learned from an experience like this...
That a kiss can mean so many things;
More often than not, it is a question,
Not the statement, "I love you".
That a squeeze of the hand can send tingles
Along my spine, making my heart tap a dancing
Beat in a telegrammed form of a Morse code
Message through my fingertips:
Does he love me? Stop. How do I tell? Stop.
That they call it "falling" in love for a reason,
Because we do not sidle slowly into it,
Meandering this way and that while we make up our minds,
But dive into the swimming pool, poised as any Olympian,
Toes and fingers pointed, aiming like an arrow into the water,
Thinking all the while that the gold medal is only
A water's splash away. And we sink into the liquid depths,
Minds and hearts smiling shyly with blind confidence,
As if we knew exactly what we were doing.