Hi! I though I write what I had felt not too long ago and in a way still do but oh well i'll get over it Please R&R will be very apperatied(sp?)

Keep Smiling LoSt ReMeDy

Why is everyone in pain?

Am I the one to blame?

Did I say something wrong?

Do you wish I was gone?

When no one believed you,

Only me,

Did you want me to leave you be?

When we were all friends again,

I became the invisible friend,

But when people need a cry,

I would stand by their side,

Why do I have to disappear again?

Why are you all doing this too me,

Till someone gets hurt,

Don't you see that I can get hurt too,

I'm tired of being the invisible friend,

Who gets tossed in the end,

My head tells me to say goodbye,

But my heart says stays and slowly dies,

I don't know why I stay,

All I really want to say,

Is that I wont be the invisible friend,

Ever again