Questionable Taste In Men

She's got her finger on the trigger,
and the barrel's at her head
and she's waiting for the moment
when he'll slither out of bed
so she can question all her ethics
and every feeling that she has,
and, in the end, decide that maybe
she's the one that's going bad.

Well, she's always been a fighter
with an itch inside her head
and an itchy trigger finger,
like she wants to end up dead.
But there's never been a bullet
that this girl could not escape,
'cause though she's not too bright with love,
she's not a fool for fate.

So she lingers on the train tracks
as she starts to come undone
and for a moment, just a moment,
she forgets about the gun.
And in the heavy blowing wind
that pushes down the rain,
she stands real still, takes a breath,
forgets about the train.