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Chapter Seven: Understanding You Better

You've never lived until you wake up next to the person you're in love with.

Yeah, I have woken up next to my guy all my life, but this was different. Everything was new and bright and surprising. When I opened my eyes I was immediately overwhelmed by an unfamiliar feeling of giddiness. Honestly, I thought I was on happy pills. But then the memories from last night flooded back to me, and then I smile even wider. Because this time I know it isn't a dream. And you know why? Because he's cuddled up right next to me in a non-brotherly way. And guess what?

I don't feel incredibly guilty while staring.

I can't help it, staring, I mean. If he looked ethereal at night when the moonlight struck his features, the he looked like a god in the morning light. A beautiful little sun god. My beautiful little sun god.

His blonde hair looks like dazzling gold in the sunlight, and even though his skin is pale, he looks absolutely radiant in the light. But he's human too. He snores; a cute little sound that comes through his nose. Scratch that last bit; the cutest part of him sleeping is that whistling sound he makes after his cute little snore. Well, everything about him is cute… but that tops the list… at least the while he's sleeping list.

Even though he's sleeping I find that I can't help myself and I run my thumb across his forehead, tucking away a few strands of the golden hair above his hairline. He stirs, and I hold my breath as he opens those big eyes of his. He looks at me in puzzlement, but after I plant a kiss that's anything but brotherly on his lips, he smiles, just remembering.

"Hey, sleeping cutie," I whisper, stroking that precious skin as I did.

The blush that creeps onto his cheeks compliments that smile, I think. "Good morning, big brother…"

I know he slipped up, that he really didn't want to call me that… But it has the same effect on me anyway. I kiss him again, a bit more passionately and demandingly this time. He returned the favor a bit shyly.

I pull away this time. Not because I want to, but because I hear footsteps outside and as much as I'd love for Ashley to walk in on her little brothers making out in her boyfriend's guestroom. So I roll off Isaac and act asleep just as the door opens.

"My gosh," said Ashley from the doorway, a mocking tone in her voice. Her hand covered her mouth, making her look as if she were surprised, "Look at these two sleeping dweebs. It's noon and they're still being sleepy-headed little twerps," she looked over her shoulder and back out to the hallway, "Clark! Bring me a bucketful of cold water, will you?"

I acted irritated and push myself up into a sitting position as Isaac does a great impression of him slowly waking up, complete with groaning and incoherent mumbling… God I loved that kid…

"Ooh!" Ashley exclaimed, a look of mock-terror on her face, "The mummies walk!"

I roll my eyes and sigh. "Geez, Ashley… some vacation…" I mutter loud enough for her to hear as I rub my eyes with my fists, giving her the eye as she leans on the doorframe, a bemused expression on her face. "Ever heard of sleeping in?"

"Well, I do have plans today, my dearest sixteen years and one day old little brothers. And you're kinda a part of them… so, yeah…" she looked at her watch and tapped it leisurely with her well-manicured index finger, "You guys have to get up. Now."

I rolled my eyes at her one more time just for kicks and threw my pillow at her, making Isaac break into a giggling fit when Ashley 'eeped' and closed the door right before it hit her. "Just get ready, okay!?" she screamed from the other side of the door playfully.

I smiled at Isaac. "Okay!" we both yelled, "Eventually..." I added when I heard Ashley's footsteps disappear down the hall, a mischievous glint in my usually dull eyes. It was Isaac's turn to 'eep' as I jumped on him, tickling him all over his sides and making him scream out laughing like he used to when we were younger.

And then, when he's panting and out of breath, I kiss him just for the hell of it. The kind of kiss that steals his breath away. Because I'm just mean like that.

After we pulled apart and got dressed, we trudged into the kitchen, reluctant at being apart. Ashley's in there alone, a big smile on her face when she sees us. No breakfast this time; Ashley always sucked at cooking and since Clark is nowhere to be seen I'm kinda grateful she didn't attempt anything.

As Isaac and I took our seats at the kitchen counter, I noticed what a beautiful view from the apartment windows were, how cool and modern the furniture was, how awesome the plasma TV that hung across the room was. Damn, it was like I was taking in the apartment for the first time… And I actually liked seeing it.

"Where's Clark?" Isaac asked curiously, fiddling with the strings of his hoodie.

Ashley leaned against the counter, a dreamy expression on her face. "I let him off his leash today," she explained, almost making me choke on my own spit, "Sent him out for a day with his friends."

"Pussy whipped!" I stage whispered in Isaac's general direction, coughing halfway through. Isaac burst into another giggling fit.

Ashley turned to me and fixed me with a serious look. "Yep, I trained him well, if I do say so myself…"

"Poor guy," Isaac cracked after a few seconds of silence.

All three of us laughed at the same time. It was a good laugh, one that I wanted to hold on to forever. It'd been so long since the three of us had laughed like this… It'd been too long.

When we all sobered Ashley brandished the car keys to the BMW (my love for my big sister increases by the second, these days) and we all make our way to the elevator. And it was only then that I realized how ritzy the building is. Looks like a place where rich guys might rent a place.

Well, it's only then that my mind puts two and two together. Clark has a BMW. Clark lives in this rich guys' apartment complex.

It hits me like a ton of bricks. Clark is fucking loaded!

Apparently I said that out loud because next thing I know Isaac is stifling his giggling and an old lady holding a little Chihuahua that screams rich old gold digger is shooting daggers at me. Ashley looks flushed and angry and is apologizing to the old rich lady, shooting me murderous sideways glances as she does so.

Oops. Life goes on.

When we're in the lobby Ashley gave me a big smack to the head, cursing under her breath. Isaac, who hasn't stopped cracking up since the elevator, starts laughing even harder. I grabbed him playfully around the neck and start giving him plenty of noogies for his smart, cute little self to enjoy. Ashley had to pull us apart, looking around the lobby with an apologetic smile on her face, the look in her eyes telling me that she wants to kill me. I just roll my eyes at her and follow her into the underground parking lot.

It's murky and dark in there, and it's pretty hard to spot Clark's car because the whole freaking lot is jam packed with all types of rich people cars; BMWs, Ferraris, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar. Shit, I'm in heaven…

But I eat my own words when Isaac slips his fingers through mine loosely when Ashley jogs ahead of us. Now I'm in heaven…

So we get into the car and Ashley eyes me weirdly when I slide into the backseat with Isaac. She just shrugs and revs the engine. The beautiful piece of machinery hums to life, and my eyes almost roll back in my head as I imagine driving the thing…

And then Isaac leans his head on my neck in a brotherly fashion, and when Ashley looks away he kisses my neck in a not-so-brotherly fashion. And it's now that I swear that my eyes roll back in my head.

It took a lot of self control not to jump him right then and there, and he knew that, the little bastard. He smirked when my hand formed a fist on the fabric of his hoodie, biting my lower lip hard enough to draw blood. When Ashley does look back in the rearview mirror, she sees a perfectly docile and innocent Isaac doing something on his cell phone while leaning his head on my shoulder in a way he always does. And when her eyes look at me in the rearview mirror… it looks like I was just kicked in the balls.

"Can you look any less agonized, you twerp?" Ashley said, scowling at me through the rearview mirror.

Oh yeah, Ash. Sorry, it's just that Isaac practically initiated foreplay right here in the backseat of your boyfriend's BMW. Sorry, I'll tell him to save it for the bedroom next time. You know, where you can't see us.

I rolled my eyes at her instead.

Fifteen minutes of excruciating sexual taunting from Isaac and suspicious glares from Ashley's part, we arrive at our destination; the mall.

Oh, wonderful.


Ashley's favorite.

Ash smiles at me devilishly, and when I don't stop shooting her looks with murderous intent behind them, she pouts at me. "Look guys. This is about you two. Your wardrobe needs work and Clark authorized unwarranted use of his credit card," she flashed a credit card; platinum, I think, at us with an ecstatic look on her face, "This is going to be awesome, guys. You'll thank me when you two look adorable and sexy and all the girls are falling over themselves at the sight of you!"

Both of us blushed a little and avoided eye contact with her. She takes that as interest on our part and cheerfully pulls the car over at the valet and, surprisingly, hands the keys over without flirting with the pretty hot guy there.

Whoa. I guess Clark has her whipped too.

Ashley cheerily leads us to all the stores people our age are supposed to go to. Stores that I never got to go to. American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale, Hot Topic, Lacoste… Ashley pretty much revolutionized our wardrobes.

But of course this whole shopping thing was great for Ashley. Forever XXI, Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor, Coach, Macy's… the girl put a bigger dent in Clark's bank account then we did, which meant that she took ten times the time too.

And it was agonizing for me. Isaac too.

A brush of skin there, a glance of each other here… Geez, I could hardly contain myself. The only good thing about trying on clothes was that Isaac and I got to share a fitting room and we kinda vented our frustrations in there. Making out, touching, just plain molestation. Yup, that was the only fun part about our shopping trip.

When we were finally done, Ashley decided to end our 'great excursion' by taking us to the theaters that were conveniently located in the mall. Wonderful.

Ashley chose the movie we'd watch; but only after Isaac and I evaded her pressing questions about what we wanted to watch. In the end she chose 'Enchanted', a movie about some woman that comes to the real world from fairy tale word and falls for Dr. McDreamy, the guy from 'Grey's Anatomy', or at least the guy that plays him. I swear, Ashley can be such a kid sometimes as was apparent when she squealed when McDreamy first came on screen.

As for me and Isaac…

We managed. The film I mean. Guys, this wasn't just a chick flick, it was a Disney chick flick. That means that it's not romance; it's innocent, silly romance and stale humor that seven year olds can interpret. I've seen worse, don't get me wrong. The movie was okay, from what I gathered.

Well, the fact is that Isaac and I really didn't see much of the movie. No, we didn't run off to the bathroom every thirty minutes to make out. Nothing that obvious or that passionate.

It was intimate though… and saying that makes me sound like Isaac while he's harping about 'true love' and the beauty of it after watching a particularly cheesy chick flick.

We held hands.

And that was it.

I know that it sounds dumb, something you'd expect coming from a girl or a whipped boyfriend… but it was… somehow better than the kissing and groping we'd done earlier in the day and the day before. Every little touch we shared was like… I don't know… it was like a little peace of heaven.

Maybe it was because we'd only been an item; albeit a secret item, since yesterday night and we'd never held hands like this before. Okay, it wasn't that romantic; holding hands under the armrests of our seats where there was old and new gum and where no one could see. But the thing was that it was a secret; our secret. Both of us had never felt something like that before and it was so new and wonderful that it was okay that it was our secret… Actually, it was maybe better because it was just between us; that we were each other's first. Not sexually, at least not yet… but what I mean is that we were the first to make each other feel this way, to share this…

And even though it may be the corniest thing to say… I didn't want to take it any further at that point. There was time for that later, but now, after so much time… I had no desire to rush it. I'd waited long enough, and now, just this, things that I got past with Ale after a week, could last me for years. As long as it was with Isaac.

As long as it was with Isaac, that was all that mattered.


"Now, that wasn't that bad, was it?" Ashley asked us as we exited the theater.

"Yes," I grumbled.

"I thought it was nice," Isaac said, blushing a little when a couple of girls giggled while looking at him in that girly fashion that just tells you their interested.

Buzz of, bitches! That one's mine!

That's, of course, what I wanted to say… I settled for flipping them off while giving Isaac a brotherly jab with my elbow, for Ashley's sake, of course… As if I would ever support him going after those…

"I have to go to the bathroom," Ashley announced as we neared the exit, stuffing her cell back in her purse and walking towards the ladies' room, "Behave while I'm gone, children!" she called back in a poor excuse for a British accent.

I sighed and leaned against the wall. "Women… they take really long in the bathroom."

"Really?" Isaac asked curiously, leaning a little closer to me, "Why's that?"

I snorted and ruffled his hair affectionately. "Isaac, have you not dealt with girls before?"

"Well sorry if I didn't have a girlfriend to actually take on dates," Isaac said, rubbing his temples a bit, "I knew what I wanted all along. I didn't need to 'experiment'."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, offended.

"Exactly what it sounded like," Isaac sniffed.

I was caught between punching his arm and proving to him just how much I liked my current predicament. Now, they were polar opposites; worse, even, they were both from different aspects of our relationship: brothers and, well… boyfriends…

So what's the best thing to do?

Go for something in between.

"Oh yeah?" I said through gritted teeth, a mischievous glint in my eyes, judging by how he suddenly tensed up, "We'll just see about that… you little ass."

Isaac squealed a bit too loudly when I dove for him. So loud, in fact that it attracted the looks of a crowd of girls that was passing by. They giggled while looking at us in a way I had never heard girls giggle before. And I don't know what the big deal was! I was just tickling my little brother… err… boyfriend…!

Isaac finally forced me off him from his position on the floor and shot me a venomous look of warning. "Big brother! We're in public!" he hissed, looking around in great embarrassment, cheeks colored red.

"So?" I asked him, extending my hand to him, which he warily took, "We look like-,"

"Guys gone wild," he finished for me.

"No," I said, patting him down to get the dust off, "We look like…" my patting brought my hand to his ass, and well…

He jumped, flushing deep red. "Brandon!" he hissed even more venomously this time, "What if someone sees? What if Ashley sees?"

I shrugged, a sly smirk on my face. I loved seeing him this way… "If someone sees then they'll just think we're together. If Ashley sees me patting your ass then she'll think I'm just dusting you off. See? It isn't as bad as you think."

"B-but…" he stuttered, freezing when another (God, where were they all coming from!?) group of girls passed by, giggling like crazy as they gave us indiscreet looks. I smiled back and they just kept giggling, looking over their shoulders at us as they passed.

"Brandon…" Isaac whispered, sounding very serious.

"Yes, honey?" I said, smiling a little at the 'honey' part.

Isaac's face scrunched up at that, but he really didn't protest. I love messing with him... "Those girls… I think they think we're together."

I almost laughed. "Oh?" I asked, playing the fool.

"Isn't it obvious?" Isaac whispered, casting suspicious looks at the group, "They know Brandon.. they know…"

"What if I want the world to know?" Isaac's beautiful eyes darted to mine in alarm; fear and dread behind them, "What if I want the world to know that I'm in love with the cutest, nicest, kindest, most beautiful guy in the world? Really, little brother, I'm the only one that's with you, that I know of, anyway, and I'd like to brag about it…"

He fell for it. "Are you crazy?"

"I was kidding," I said with a sigh, "Geez, you take everything so seriously, Isaac. You're such a worry wart, as if you were my dad."

I knew I shouldn't have said that. As if to remind me of that all the bruises I'd hidden for so long under my clothes throbbed, reminding me of what kind of person our father was. "Well," Isaac said, voice filled with resentment, "Someone had to take care of you, Brandon. I actually couldn't depend on dad to do his job…"

"I know… I'm sorry…" I muttered, looking down at the carpeted floor in shame, wondering when Ashley would get out of the damn bathroom already.

A few minutes of weird silence passed between us. When Ashley finally did come out, she found us sitting; me on a bench, Isaac sitting cross-legged on the floor. "God… you two look depressed…" she said.

We got up at the same time, and as our sister walked ahead of us, Isaac pulled me close to him and gave me a peck on the cheek. "…Make it up to me later… okay?" he said huskily, pulling apart and giving me a suggestive smirk.

God, I love my brother…

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