Welcome to the first chapter of SEEDs. As of today (6 December 2007) I have planned for over 146 chapters, and still counting. So there is no need for worries about plot holes, fillers, or me going back and change previously released chapters. I plan to release chapters on a weekly basis, perhaps more or less depending on what's happening IRL. Enjoy -Kyle Castorena

Due to different formatting issues, when text is in Italic they speaking in a language other then English, in this case Spanish.

"Hola, Sakura," a group of children call out as a woman passes them by. They continue to speak in Spanish, "Can you play with us today?"

"I'm sorry," she responds, "the harvester's broken so we have take the corn by hand. Everyone's been working in the fields all day."

The woman gives a nod and continues down the path. It should have been obvious by the four pails full of crop that she was busy, but the children seemed to want to press their luck. To carry such a load would be difficult for even a large man of full stature, but watching this slim female made it seem all too surreal. That, however, was an everyday occurrence in this farming village. Sakura de Torres, she is a beautiful, strong, exotic woman that was the shinning star of their small community.

But to say that she was merely exotic would be an understatement. This village was home to a mass majority native to Peru. Dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair; this was what it meant to be a native. Sakura's skin was pale despite the amount of time she spent in the sun. Her eyes were indeed dark, but they had a tilt that was common with those of Asian descent. And above all else, her long shimmering hair shared the color of the late morning sky, blue.

This blue-haired woman continued down the path with her trademark flowing behind her. She dropped off her load at the storehouse and returned to gather some more. Corn was the town's main source of income. Their produce would be distributed all throughout Southern and Central America, and they took pride in their superb product and hard work. Much of their success could be contributed to Kyle de Torres, who invested a small fortune to develop the community. This man is also Sakura's father.

Mr. de Torres, Sakura's father, the founder of this village, however you wanted to address him, he was a man whose mere presence demanded respect. He is a large man, standing over six and a half feet. Once upon a time he was a solider fighting unknown wars in unknown countries, or in other words everything that he had done had been deemed classified. Though he would never divulge any of that kind of information, rumors were rampant that he was a spook, a "Six" man, a spy.

That was many years ago and at the time he was a different person. After his father died he inherited a great fortune. The commonwealth would believe that this was the reason he retired, got married, and had a child. Perhaps those weren't quite the order of the chain of events that detailed the last seven years of his life, but they were clearly a result. Raising a family, working on a farm, getting old, these were the things that people like him dreaded in their youth, but reveled in it when it was finally acquired.

Sakura could feel a warm wind begin to blow. Her attention was inadvertently drawn to a man standing in the shade of a nearby building. He didn't appear to be a foreigner, but the woman knew she never saw him in the village before. His cloths are what gave it away, namely his jacket. One wouldn't normally wear a jacket in this warm season, but he did so without the slightest hint of discomfort. It was white, and made of some thick fabric Sakura couldn't identify. There also seemed to be a glove covering only his left hand. She continued to stare at this person, their eyes never meet.

There was a scream coming from ahead of her. A scythe had broken off it's handle and was now soaring through the air. The children that she had passed before were now playing in the field. They were in the flying blade's direct course. It took only an instant for her to understand the danger and take action. She ran as fast as she could and covered the children. She beat the instrument by mere milliseconds.

Sakura was struck in the dead center of her back. Such a sharp blade easily made it's way through until half was protruding her stomach. The youngster's faces were covered with the woman's blood. Her expression was filled with anguish, but that did not keep her from checking on the children.

"Are you all alright?" she asked the kids.

"Sakura!" one cried with tear-filled eyes, "you, you're..."

"It's okay. As long as your safe."

She stood up on her own power and began to push on the tip that pierced her front. Screams are what looked like what wanted to escape her lips, but the stern face and gritted teeth forced them back. With a gasp she pushed as far as she could on the tip, and then reached around for her back. Once she held a firm grasp on the tool, the rest slid out with ease. She dropped the object and finally began to catch her breath. She tilted her head to see a group forming to the side. Now that the pain began to subside, she could hear the screaming of what sounded like a man.

It was Samuel, a young man very close to the woman in age. He was always a friendly, helpful person, and now both of his arms had been sliced off. It was from about the elbow down. He was bunched up in a wad on the ground, screaming in anguish quite similar to what Sakura had experienced moments ago.

"Find his arms!" she ordered.

The group snapped out of their gaze from the woman directions. Immediately they began to search. Samuel's limbs shouldn't have traveled far, but they were difficult to locate in this thick foliage.

"A clean cut," Sakura said to herself. "There is low cellular damage, but if we don't hurry he'll bleed out."

"Found one!" a village announced as she produced it to the woman.

A few men in the group held the man steady as Sakura placed the limb in it's rightful position. She placed her hand over the wound. It began to emit a pale light.

"Nerves...connected. Arteries...connected. Muscles...connected. Skin...connected. Scar...removed."

Sakura removed her hand. After wiping away the blood, there was no evidence that what had just occurred ever did. Samuel began to move his fingers, testing to make sure that everything was all right.

"Have you found the other arm yet!?" Sakura yelled.

"No," was the answer.

There was no more time left, any longer and Samuel would have lost too much blood. Sakura placed her hand on the stub that was left of his right arm. Her hand began to glow, and the process was finished in just a few seconds. When it was done, the pain had left the young man's face, and he finally lost consciousness.

"Found it!" a man shouted in excitement.

"It's too late," Sakura said as she picked herself up to her feet. "Just dispose of it." She began to check her pockets. "Does someone have a paper and pen?" The man counting the day's crop produced had one. The woman began writing down a list of high fiber foods as well as multi-vitamin supplements. "Make sure he eats all these and I'll check on him in the morning." She began to turn away, "I'm heading home to change."

After handing someone the paper, she turned to head back home. The man that she had seen before was standing off in the distance. If an outsider had just seen the blue-haired woman exercise her unique ability, it would come to no surprise if he had caused an outcry. But this man was as cool and collected as he was the first time she saw him.

"Um, Sakura," a woman called from behind her. "You're still bleeding."

Sakura looked down, noticing the blood gushing from her abdomen.

"Oh, ha ha ha, I guess I am."

As the woman healed her own wounds, she saw that the stranger was no longer in sight. She made a stop by the village well to draw some water. In the middle of the street she took off her shirt and tried to clean up as much of the stain as she could. Neither did the onlookers or the cries of the follow women to cover herself phase her. After she did what she could about her shirt, she put it back on and began back towards her house.

On her way home she spotted the man standing in the shade between two houses. He was talking on a cell phone, which shouldn't have been able to pick up a signal in their village. On closer observation she noticed the device was connected to a large panel lying on the ground. It was a satellite phone able to make calls anywhere on the planet, though due to her technological ineptitude, she didn't figure that part out. The two never made eye contact.

Too many things were happening at once, but somehow Sakura didn't feel uneasy. The blue-haired woman was too unique to live a life among ordinary people, this she had thought about, and feared, ever since she could remember. The man that appeared today was someone "special" too, he had to be. This day has been long since coming, she thought as she put on some new cloths. She had a deep feeling what was to happen next.

"Sakura de Torres!" a cry came from outside.

Just from her window the woman could tell it was that man. He called for her right outside her home in that loud voice, he was trying to draw attention to himself. She stepped outside. The times she had seen him before, she didn't notice how tall he was. This man stood a good four inches above her five foot eight. Being this close, she could also tell how attractive he appeared. His face was chiseled but still held it's youthful roundness. He had deep blue eyes. His skin was tanned and his hair was a light brown. If she had to guess, she would figure that he was younger then her. There was something he was carrying on his shoulder. It appeared to be a large rectangular bat, and looked very heavy.

"Come with me or I'll slaughter everyone in this village," he spoke in English.

Sakura stood dumbfounded, this was far from what she expected to hear. The commotion he caused made individuals exit their homes to see what was occurring. His threatening presence didn't phase the crowd. Cries of " Kick his ass ," and " Throw him out " in Spanish escaped the gathering mob. Undoubtedly their confidence was due to the woman's unnatural strength. A warm gust suddenly blew. It was the same feeling Sakura had when she first saw this man. She looked deeply into the man's eyes, and then she looked towards the crowd.

"Okay, I'll go with you," she says twice. Once in English, and then again in Spanish.