I'm standing in the pet supplies aisle, staring at the collars, but I'm thinking about you. We couldn't go to the ocean again after that, in case anyone recognized us. You said you would throw your collar into the ocean, but we haven't been able to go.


After the third call I remember you're calling me. It's hard to remember to respond to a name that's not my own. I turn and wave at you, standing at the door on your way out, but you don't see so I call out. "I'm here! Ian!"

You shake your head as I run after you. "Stop wandering off would you?" You say. I smile. You worry so much, but once we get across the border maybe you'll feel safer.

"Sorry." I say. You take my hand and lead me across the parking lot and back to the car. I sit in the front while you throw the groceries in the back. I smile at you when you get in and turn the car on.

"What are you smiling at?" You ask grumpily. You pull the car out of the parking lot and back onto the highway.

"We're almost there." I say. "And you. You like me." I say.

You roll your eyes. "Whatever." You say.

You kissed me. You kissed me first. "I just like the sound of it." I say.

You keep your eyes on the road ahead. We're almost there. Soon, we'll be free.

"Let's find a home by the ocean." I say.

You smile at last. "Of course." You answer. I love your smile. I love you. And I'm not sorry anymore.