Inanimate objects speak more than you & I still hear the way joints sigh curled in your fingers. You blow smoke like a help signal or a warning sign

Your eyes smirk and double dare me


But this is more of a game than you know, the sides unclear with the way I'm wearing craving (along with too much perfume)

You speak in accents and aftertastes; take me somewhere I beg. But you run your fingers through your hair

Its summer, somewhere.


The world is fizzing on your tongue, your breathing, breathing too much for me boy

Your lips speak perfection in stutter steps & slurs

& I still feel lost the way your body shakes, your mind blurs

You grin plastic and credit cards with the chains on your wrists you still can't see

You say Vegas

The ocean


Your eyes glow bright and you look into the sky. Behind your eyes you see opportunities, shooting stars.

Through mine I can just see the end

But we're young, still running

And you tell me you can take me away.

But I'm afraid I will just leave you behind.

a/n he's drugged I'm the one tripping