Three Simple Words---

There's a funeral march in town
I hope that you can see it
The people here, they mourn for you
I hope that you can hear it

The parade marches on and on
With you inside the centerpiece
A thousand roses are bulleted on
One for every dying scream

There were only three simple words
I never got to tell you
I hope you can still hear these words
Three simple words, "I love you"

Now I can only stand in the crowd
While we watch death pass us by
Death leads with his funeral march
But in the center you lie

It was never really worth it
No kind of pain ever is
But I'll let you go, my dearest
Because I know you wanted it

It was a sickly kind of poison
That dug you into your grave
But a million tears will follow you
And hope you no longer feel pain

So many people miss you, as do I
Though I hate you for what you did
But I love you for who you were
Nothing can take away that sin

There are still three simple words
That I still want to tell you
And nothing will ever change them
Three simple words, "I love you"


R.I.P. Scott Carl