-The Legend of the Five Gods-


"It's finally summer vacation!" Kira exclaimed, thrusting one fist into the air in happy accomplishment.

TJ snapped his fingers into a thumbs up as he grinned the words, "Hell yeah!"

The two friends sat together in the tree house that had been Kira's club house since she was a small child. On the forest's edge of her back yard, they had spent hours at a time in the three-story tall wooden construction. It was their escape; their second home. As the two children grew, so did their tree house; and in time, so did their guest list.

The sound of footsteps on the hollow wooden staircase alerted Kira and TJ as they stood to greet their friends. A thin blonde led the way, modeling a dainty blouse and skirt outfit that seems out of place in the relatively dirty tree house. Following close behind was a boy, about the same height, who reached for her hand and grasped it tightly, twirling her around in a romantic manner.

"Let's get this party started!" the blonde cheered, "We're seniors next year; let's get some tunes and let's get dancing!"

"We're seniors, Petra; but Kira, TJ, and Korith are still juniors." The boy pulled her close and smiled warmly, "And while I doubt they'll be joining us, I'd be honored to have this dance."

Kira laughed, but turned her attention to the final guest who was just arriving up the stairs. She held her breath as he came into sight, and the butterflies took control of her. She tried to control herself; he didn't know that she had this overwhelming crush on him. Korith was his name, and he was everything she had ever wanted in a boyfriend; blonde hair, green eyes, plays guitar, not an obnoxious jerk; he was perfect. Unfortunately for Kira, the boy seemed clueless. He was quiet, and mostly kept to himself. While he would join a conversation if invited, he would never begin his own. Kira knew this, and accepted it; all she had to do was start talking and he would be polite enough to respond.

"Hey, Korith," Kira said with a smile, "Are you excited for summer?"

"Yeah," he said in his soft voice, the faintest smile across his face, "Except I'll probably be spending most of it with Mimi."

"You always have to watch her; can't your mom get a babysitter or something?" Kira grumbled, knowing the response would be a silent "no."

Korith sighed, and then pulled out his guitar. He noticed Petra and Robbie who were waiting patiently for music, and began strumming out a tune. For the longest time he had played covers of songs, but recently he began to write his own music. His friends quickly realized that this was a new original song, and were happy to hear it. He strummed the strings loudly, and sang his lyrics softly, as if to hide them behind the guitar's tune, but he enjoyed playing for his small audience nonetheless.

The five friends stayed together in that tree house until the sun set, and then watched the stars come out that evening. School was over and so was its stress; they were finally free! This was just the first day of what would be the best summer vacation yet.