Facebook Ex

By Mythdreamer / Joanna Byrne

Landon Harris typed furiously on his laptop, trying to understand what the screen was projecting. Oh, he could read it alright, but it was comprehension that was troubling him tonight. She had dumped him last week, just showed up and said "Its over", took her CD's out of his car and left. She had not returned his calls, or replied to his text messages all week, and he had been watching her profile online, because he felt like he was going crazy. With a final click, he paused, holding his breath as he read over her Facebook, looking at new pictures, reading her note, which insultingly held no mention of him, and then scrolled down to her wall.

The thing was dominated by a single user's comments. Some guy named Jacob.

His male ego went off, screaming that she had left him for this guy. He clicked on the profile, elated to find it was open to the public, and started reading their wall-to-wall conversations, going through the guy's photos, and trying to figure out what was going on. Nothing was computing.

Finally, feeling really frustrated, he snapped his laptop shut and stared around the mostly empty coffee shop, trying to control his anger. She had left him for that geek? That was unacceptable. Gathering up his stuff, he stormed out of the building, threw his computer in the back of his car and slammed the door. Unacceptable was a mild way of putting it. If he couldn't have her, no one else could.

The tires screamed on the pavement as he floored it out of the parking lot, nearly hitting a car in his blind rage. No, no, not blind rage. Righteous anger. Holy anger. How dare she consider him not good enough for her? He was the best boyfriend she had ever had, and she knew it. No, it was time to talk things over, set the record straight. He was going to dump her, if he had to beg her to take him back first.

In the coffee shop, a young man watched as the green Honda screamed out of the parking lot. Off-handedly he turned to the girl working the counter.

"That guy was pissed about something."

The girl, who had watched him storm out too, shrugged. "Weird."

Pondering the matter, the young man accepted his coffee from the girl with a friendly smile, and settled down with his computer to do some research on his History of Art paper. The angry man in the Honda kept popping into his head, interrupting the paper research, and distracting him. Finally, after an hour of unsuccessful attempts at working on his paper, he packed up and went home. He was going to just give up for the night, since his three roommates would be making all sorts of distracting comments.

A few days later, while waiting for his coffee, he glanced down at the beaten copy of the local paper, laying on the counter, and started. The bold headlines proclaimed "Collage girl stabbed to death", under that was a photo, with the caption "ex-boyfriend is the prime suspect". In the photo was the angry man with the Honda, head raised defiantly to the camera, hands bound behind his back and two burly policemen escorting him. Feeling weird, he gathered the paper and his coffee, forgetting to flash his usual friendly smile, and sat down, computer ignored, History of Art paper forgotten as he read the article.

'Police have a prime suspect in the murder of Tech student, Laura Jones, in custody. Laura Jones, age 20, was found stabbed to death in her apartment by a friend Saturday morning. Rumor is that Jones' ex-boyfriend went postal...'

A/N: Inspired by how exs keep track of eachother via Facebook, Myspace, ect.