Hello, here is the epilogue I promised and I'm sorry that it came out sort of late (it was supposed to be up the day after chapter 20). Anyway, I hope you've all enjoyed the whole series, because I've had way too much fun writing it. Does it make me a loser if I laugh at my own jokes? Because I did A LOT while writing this story.


Anyway, now I present to you the final chapter of It's Not Normal To Have An OBSESSIVE Stalker because, after all, it's never normal to have an obsessive stalker...



December 25

I had never really enjoyed Christmas before, but this time was different. I was so used to the same abuse and no gifts kind of Christmas, but this just blew my mind. Of course, I had Brent with me, so it made all the difference in the world. We were at his house at one in the morning (I made him stay up with me until the very stroke of midnight) and the world beyond the living room window was a winter wonderland.

And in truth, I had never understood that song until I laid eyes on this.

We both had our faces pressed against the window, watching as the snowflakes fell from the sky, but I looked more like an excited two year old. He simply smiled at it, but I could tell that he had already seen this kind of stuff a million times. Of course, that's what happens when you have rich parents who can send a plane over in 2.853 seconds.

He was the lucky one born to privilege; I was the unfortunate one born to misery.

But then again, we both were stuck inside our own misery until we found what he wanted. I guess we both needed to find each other no matter if we were destined for friendship or for love. I would have been fine if he were only my best friend; as long as I could hold on to him with some sort of strong bond, then I would be happy.

"You want to go outside?" he asked, smiling at how happy I was.

I looked away from the snow to glance at him and then I nodded excitedly. He laughed to himself and then laced his fingers with mine, pulling me with him as he led me to the front door, where he opened it and glanced over at me to watch my reaction. I took a step out of the front doorway, unwinding our entwined fingers and taking my first step into the snow that filled his front lawn. My foot went an inch into the cold snow and I gasped at the feeling at first, not expecting it to be so... wet.

Brent laughed at me and I could hear his trudging footsteps making their way after me. I glanced to the side to see him standing right beside me and he was looking up at the dark, yet beautiful sky. I looked up too and smiled as I watched the small bits of snow fall to the ground. I had to squint my eyes because the snowflakes would sometimes get in my eyes and I was sure that my hair was full of it. I raised one hand out to catch the snow and watched as it began to slowly build in my hand.

Yes, this had to be the best Christmas ever.

"Haven't you ever seen snow before?" he asked, laughing at my childish reactions.

"No," I said, letting the snow fall through my fingers. "I've only seen it on TV. This is so amazing."

He grinned at me and nodded, understanding. I raised my hands out again and swirled slowly in place, enjoying the moment. I felt like a little kid again and I was happy. I guess I was making up for the childhood that I never had and I was glad that I could at least share it with Brent. I was so into my new fascination that I barely noticed two arms slither around my waist. I turned my head to an angle so that I could peer at Brent and I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously.

"And what do you think you're doing?" I asked, making him smirk.

"I'm kissing you, of course," he said, leaning forward so that his lips could touch mine.

I pulled away and put a little distance between us. He still had his eyes closed and was reaching forward to kiss someone who wasn't there anymore. So, I bent down, picked up some of the snow, made a snowball with it in my hands (which isn't as smooth as it looks in the movies), aimed, and threw.

Wait... I take that back... It was more of a...

Yeah, I bet you never heard something make that sound before. HAHA! I'm making my own words now!

--clears throat--
But really, that is the sound it made.

Well, my aiming turned out to be excellent because it hit him straight on (right in the kisser!). He had a standing seizure for a moment of surprise. Yes, a seizure. I mean, his whole body just sort of shook from the cold and I put my hands over my mouth to keep from laughing. He quickly wiped the snow from his now pink face and looked over at me with a glare.

I had to bite my lip so that I wouldn't laugh, but it was really hard. You know when you're trying not to laugh, but then your cheeks start to blow up? And then you let out that trying-not-to-laugh sound that's sort of like a MKKKK?

Yeah, that's what happened.

At this point, Brent had two options. No, make that three.
1. He could run inside and cry. The unmanly thing to do.
2. He could get revenge and start making his own snowballs. The anticipated thing to do.
3. He could hunt me down with determination for a second try at tonsil hockey. The most Brent thing to do.

It doesn't take a genius to realize which one he chose. I mean, he's Brent for God's sake! He gazed at me with that wicked gleam in his eyes and I began to get afraid.

"Hahaahahahahahaha... ha ha... ha... ha..?" I said, watching him carefully as he took a step closer to me. "Brent..? What are you... What are you d-- BRENT!!!!!"

I saw him make a leap for me and I ran for the sake of my tiny teenage life. I turned and ran as fast as I could, hearing his footsteps coming after me.

Since when did he run so gosh darn fast?!

"Nooooooooooo!!!! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" I cried, feeling my legs growing tired. "I'm TOO YOUNG!!!"

"Jen! It's just a kiss!" he whined, pouting. "JENNNNNN!"

"Get away you pervert! IF YOU TOUCH ME, I'LL--" I tried to finish my sentence, but it's hard when you have a mouth full of snow.

Yes, Jen the Klutz strikes again!

I actually went and tripped, falling face first into the snow. I could hear Brent's footsteps stop as he hovered over me. I knew he didn't want to laugh at me, yet I heard him softly chuckling from above me.


I picked my face up and spit all of the snow out.
You know, snow isn't so great when you get a mouthful of it. I think I want to go throw up my insides now. Major gag attack, bleh.

I rolled over so that I was on my back and I could hear Brent laughing so hard that I bet his gut hurt. Maybe the fact that I have a face full of snow inspired this sudden humor of his.

--death glare--

I wiped the snow off of my face, feeling the cold burning feeling as it brushed off of my skin. Oooooo I never realized how cold it was! Nonetheless, I opened my eyes to see Brent laughing so hard that he fell to the ground with me, lying on his back right beside me.

"Are you done yet?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, catching his breath. "I think I'm done... No, wait..."

Not a second later, he burst out laughing again, making my eyes narrow into tiny slits. Why did I have to fall in love with a complete moron? Jesus, what were you thinking when you made this guy my 'soul mate'? I tapped my fingers impatiently, watching as his laughs finally died down.

"Okay, okay. Now I'm done," he said, grinning at me. "Want to go inside for some hot chocolate after?"

"Hot chocolate?" I asked excitedly, forgetting about how much of an idiot he was. "That would be great! I never got to do any of this stuff for Christmas before."

"I know," he said, a little sympathetically. "But I'll try to make it the best for you."

"It already is the best," I corrected, smiling. "It's funny. I never got to put up a tree before, much less decorate one."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself," he said, looking up at the sky. "So what do you want to do next?"

"Can we make snow angels?!" I cried, remembering all of the Christmas movies I had ever seen.

"Sure," he said, laughing.

This was my first Christmas ever seeing snow and I was so excited. In fact, this was the first time in over fifty years that it snowed in this little town.
I think not.

Making snow angels wasn't as easy as it looked in the movies. It was really cold and wet and the snow wasn't as soft as it was made out to be. But I didn't really care. I loved it.

"I feel like an idiot," Brent mumbled from beside me.

I turned to roll my eyes at him, but stopped when I saw him. There he was, lying next to me, waving his arms and legs to make snow angels with me. He was glaring up at the sky and the pout on his lips looked so cute. I bit my lip at first, but then I couldn't help but to laugh, making him look at me.

"What's so funny?" he demanded, stopping the process of his snow angel.

"I love my idiot," I said, not really answering his question.

I leaned over and planted a small peck on his cheek, making the ends of his mouth twitch into a smile. He tried not to make it seem like it mattered so much to him, but I knew that he loved it when I told him those three simple words. No matter how many times I said them, they never seemed to get old to him. And that's what was so great about it.

"So, does that mean that you've changed your mind about marrying 'your idiot'?" he asked, looking over at me as I lay on my back, looking up at the sky.

"No," I said with a sigh, closing my eyes. "I've already told you, Brent. I'm never getting married. I just don't want to. It doesn't interest me."

At first I thought I had hurt his feelings because he was quiet for a moment, but when he spoke again, he didn't seem sad at all. In fact, he seemed rather amused.

"Oh really? I bet I can change your mind on that," he said, most likely smirking to himself.

I opened my eyes when I heard him rummaging through his pocket and I turned to look at him curiously. When he pulled the small object out, my eyes widened and I was speechless.

It was a ring.
A real freaking ring!

He held out his hand, presenting it in his palm and I sat up with a small gasp. There was no way in Hell that he's actually suggesting..?

Looking down at it, I could tell that it was very expensive, but I didn't know if he had gone out and bought it himself or if it were some family heirloom, some kind of traditional piece. I was almost too afraid to ask.

"Brent..?" I said quietly, looking up at him with worried eyes. "What is this?"

Well, of course I knew the obvious, so it was more of a 'What the fudge is going on?!' His eyes gleamed as he smiled up at me. Without any warning, he reached out for my hand and I froze up as I felt him slide the work of beauty onto my slender finger. Seeing it on the finger almost gave me a heart attack. It was like the feeling that gives you the shivers, but you can't tell if you like it or not.


"It's just a preview," he said with a shrug of his shoulders. "But I want to give it to you in a few years, after we've graduated. So, in some ways, this is kind of like my engagement to you."

I watched the ring sparkle in the moonlight and I couldn't help but feel mesmerized by it. It really was beautiful, but I didn't know if I could wear it for him. Marriage is too huge of a step, even if it is in a few years. I'm still scared to death of that kind of commitment.

"Brent... We're just sixteen..."

Okay, even though I'm turning seventeen in two months, it DOESN'T COUNT.

"I know. You don't have to worry, Jen. It's not like we're getting married now. I'm just showing you what's going to be yours in a couple of years," he said.

"And how do you know we're still going to be together in a couple years?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Please, Jen," he said, rolling his eyes with a grin. "You think I'm going to let you walk away from me that easily. Haven't you learned anything this year? I'm stuck with you for life, Babe."

Damn, hes right.
We might as well surgically attack our hips together because that's how it's going to be for the rest of ETERNITY... well... for the rest of my life, anyway.

Gee, I don't know if I want to smile or cry.
But it's a pretty close competition.

"You're going to blackmail me into marrying you, aren't you?" I said, glaring at him.

"Most likely," he said, grinning. "Wouldn't it be easier to just say 'yes'?"

"NO!!" I said, making him laugh.

"Shall I change your mind again?" he asked, leaning forward to kiss me.

I felt his lips press against mine and I closed my eyes for a moment, liking the feeling like all of the other times before. See, this is why I hated him, but it was also why I loved him. I felt him part his lips, waiting for mine to do the same, but then I suddenly broke away from him, folding my arms over my chest as I glared at him.

"You cheater!" I accused, making him smirk.

"It takes one to know one, Babe," he said, referring to my constant refusal.

Yes, I would lead him on, I would break away from kisses, I would seduce him and then never see it through, I would find the smallest reasons to get mad at him because it scared me when our relationship was too perfect...
So, I'm a cheater. Sue me.

I looked down at the ring on my finger and began to slide it off, ready to get rid of it before I went crazy, but it wouldn't come off. It was on there pretty tight, I tell you.

"How the hell do you get this thing off?" I said, frustrated as I continued to try and pry it off of my finger.

"That's what you get," he said, shrugging his shoulders without any sympathy, the corners of his lips rising into a suppressed smile.

It really won't come off!

Brent started laughing when I began to freak out and I shot him a glare. I leapt out to tackle him, but he dodged out of the way, making me land face first in the snow AGAIN. I could still hear him laughing and I quickly scrambled to my feet, wiping the snow off of me, and made a run for him. Of course, he ran away from me, making it difficult for me to catch up with him and beat him up. So, we were basically playing a game of chase in his snow covered yard.

"Brent! Stop laughing at me! It won't come off!!!" I cried angrily, running after him with a strong determination.

"Ha Ha! Now you'll have to marry me!" he said, laughing as he glanced back at me from over his shoulder.


For two years now, I've been with Brent. My dad is gone for good and I currently live with my aunt, which is great except for the occasional 'boy talks.' Brent, of course, is still the same idiot that I fell in love with, but I have to admit that I don't regret a thing. We hardly ever fight (because I tolerate that moron) and, when we do, Brent tends to always think that conflicts are settled with making out.

...And it always works.

"Tiffany Welman..."

As it turns out, Brent's mom was a HUGE blessing for me. Because of her, I GOT MY SCHOLARSHIP!!!

Well, sad to say, I'm not staying here for college. I'm thinking of going up to New York or something; it still feels good to escape childhood memories.

"Jessica Carpenter..."

I felt a light brushing at my hand and I looked down to see Brent's hand entwining with mine. When I looked up at him, he was smiling at me and I couldn't help but hide a small smile.

We had been waiting for this day for a long time... err... him more than me.

I was just glad to be graduating. He, on the other hand, knew that it was now an appropriate time for me to marry him since we were 'of-age.'


(Funny how I can't trust myself since I've used those same words before...)

"Todd Henderson..."

Our graduation gowns were swaying at our sides as a light breeze blew by. Yes, we were having the whole graduation outside, but it was actually pretty cool. It was also a bit intimidating, seeing the whole crowd of people watching you; friends, relatives, and-- MY AUNT!!

I saw her wave at me from the crowd, holding her camera in her hand. I was so excited that I waved back immediately, a huge grin on my face. I guess I really didn't expect anyone to come since I had no brother or sisters, no mother and father, no family. And the only friends that I had were on stage with me, so I was surprised when I saw my Aunt there.

She caught eye of Brent right beside me and waved at him too, Brent responding in the same way. I still find it creepy that Brent got along with my own Aunt better than me. In fact, he gets along with pretty much everyone.
Stupid smooth talker...

"Amanda Bordeaux..."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Brent turn his head to stare at me, making something in my stomach flutter. Damn, I already knew what he was thinking.

"Hey, Jen--" he began, but I quickly interrupted, feeling a heart attack coming on.

"NO," I said, already knowing what he was going to tell me.

"You didn't even hear what I was going to--"

"NOOO," I said, letting it ring out.

"Fine, I was going to say that maybe we should wait a couple of years to--"

"I said NO!" I snapped, trying to control the beating of my heart.

"Great, then the wedding's in two months!" he beamed with a smirk.

I blinked for a moment and then my jaw tightened, realizing what he had done.

"Brent!" I cried, pushing his hand away from mine. "That's not fair!"

A few of the other students turned to look at us, wondering what was going on. My cheeks turned a small shade of pink and Brent smirked from beside me.

"You guys are getting married?" one student asked excitedly. "Oh, that is so sweet!"

"No, I--" I began, but since when do I ever get to finish my sentences around Brent?

"Yes, we just got engaged last week," he said, putting an arm around me and leaning his head against mine with affection, a sincere smile on his face. "The wedding's in two months."

The student, who I believe is named 'Crystal', went to say something else, but then her name was called and she walked forward. I pried Brent's arm off of me and glared at him, receiving a shrug of his shoulders as an answer.

"Two months, Babe," he said with a wink.

"Try two million years," I replied bitter-sweetly, staring ahead of me at the stage.

"Brent Carriere!" the announcer called, saving Brent from my wrath.

He walked forward with a grin to center stage where the announcer was waiting to greet him. There was an uproar from the girls who never had a chance with him and I rolled my eyes as I clapped my hands together. I'm not the jealous type, but it is really irritating when a bunch of whores continuously try to seduce your own boyfriend... VERY irritating.

I watched as the announcer handed him his diploma and they shook hands, pausing for a moment for the crowd to take their pictures. That look in his eyes made me really think. He just looked so happy and I felt a pang of guilt. He had been fighting for me for a really long time now.

Did he really want to marry me that badly?

I sighed and shook my head, smiling to myself. I was in love with a loser... but he was my loser.

He walked back to reclaim his spot right beside me and a few of the guys patted him on the back with congratulations as he made his way towards me. His eyes locked with mine as he stopped right beside me. I stared at him for a moment and then turned away, clapping for the next student who was announced for their diploma.

"Jen, I can wait if that's what you want," he said, making me sigh. "But I don't think I could take it if it were to never happen."

"What's the big difference between being married and being boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked, blinking. "I mean, aren't we fine the way we are?"

"I just... I don't know. I feel like if you marry me, then you're really mine, permanently mine. It's just something that I really want," he said, clapping in monotone for the next called up student. "Plus, if you ever decide to divorce me, I get eight months to persuade you otherwise," he added with a smirk.

"In other words, blackmail," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, pretty much," he replied with a laugh.

"And last but not least, Jennifer Robinson!" I heard, making my heart pound.

First of all, why am I always last?

"Go, Jen," Brent said, nudging me forward.

I nervously walked forward, trying to control my shaky legs from beneath me. I swear, I could have collapsed at any second. I had never been so nervous in my life, and now I was in the spotlight of hundreds of people, all cheering and taking pictures. I could hear Jamie and Danielle making fools of themselves as the cheered EXTRA loud, making me want to go die in a whole somewhere.

I'm not good with crowds, okay?

I took a moment to glance over my shoulder to see Brent's expression. I just wanted to look at him one more time before I was considered a 'high school graduate.' He smirked as he clapped loudly, giving me a wink that made me smile. I nodded at him before turning around to receive my diploma.

"Ms. Robinson is also the only student to receive a full-paid scholarship to any college in the U.S.," he added, making the cheering louder.

Anywhere in the U.S.? Aw, I guess that means no semester in England.

I shook the announcer's hand and he whispered a small 'congratulations', making me smile. My Aunt had forced her way to the front of the crowd to take my picture, which was kind of embarrassing, but she was the only mother I had ever truly known, so it somehow meant the world to me.

After that was finally done, I quickly walked back to my spot besides Brent, my cheeks already set in a blush. The cheering spotlight was enough to give me a heart attack. Brent noticed my reaction and grinned to himself, knowing that he would be able to tease me about it later on.

"Congratulations, class of '09!" the announcer called loudly, earning a loud eruption of cheers and cries from everybody within (what sounded like) ten miles.

Graduation caps were flying up into the air and I got threw mine up excitedly, along with Brent.
(I had always wanted to do that)

You know that everybody secretly wants to do that after seeing it in the movies!

Students were cheering, jumping up and down, hugging each other. All the mothers in the crowd were sobbing or at least trying not to. I gasped when I felt my feet leave the ground beneath me, but when I realized that Brent had swept me in his arms, I glared at him, making him smile.

"We are free, my love," he said dramatically, imitating the characters from Danielle's romance novel. "Now, let us elope!"

He turned and made a run for the stage exit with me in his arms. I folded my arms and put up a fit.

"Brennnttt!" I whined, not trusting him to support me. "Let me down before you drop me!"

"Don't you trust your Knight in Shining Armor?" he asked.

"You mean the Loser in Aluminum Foil?" I questioned. "NO!"

"That was cold, Jen," he said with mock hurt.

I laughed and looked around to see where we were going. We were off of the stage, leaving the fading sound of the graduates behind us. I blinked, not understanding his intentions.

"Umm, Brent? Where are you taking me?" I asked, confused.

"Somewhere special," he answered, not really telling me anything.

He used his foot to kick a random door open and he entered, using his back to close it again. I looked around and my eyes narrowed.

"This is supposed to be 'somewhere special'?" I asked dully.

We were backstage of the graduation, where we had practiced lining up for months before. Now, it was somewhat dark and empty, expect for a few belongings left behind by students who would probably never come back to reclaim them.

"I'm here, aren't I?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "I make any place magical."

"You're such a loser," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Yes, but you're engaged to this loser, so that makes you a loser as well. Two losers in love," he said proudly.

"I beg to differ, and we are NOT engaged!" I cried, feeling my cheeks burn at the thought.

"Not yet, we aren't," he said, swinging me into a dramatic position in his arms where his face was directly in front of mine. "Marry me now, my love," he said in the same dramatic voice, bringing his lips closer to mine.

"I don't think so," I said, stopping his lips with my hand.

"Jennn," he whined, trying to push my hand out of the way so that he could kiss me.

"Nooooo," I whined back, pushing my way out of his arms and turning to run away.

I feel like a runaway bride, what fun.

"Marry me, my love, marry me!" he called out, running after me.

"Get away, you rapist!" I cried, turning to stick my tongue out at him.

"It's not rape, it's surprise sex that you didn't know you wanted," he shot back, making me roll my eyes.

"Marry me!"




The next thing I knew, I was tackled to the floor and I ended up sprawled on my back with Brent straddling my hips from on top of me. I glared daggers up at him, but he only smiled down at me. My hands were against his chest, trying to keep some sort of distance between us, but he clamped a hand on either side of me, holding him in place.

"One year," he bargained.

"Three years."

"Jennn," he whined. "That's too long!"

"Fine, you big complainer," I said with a sigh. "Two years then."

"One year and three months!"

"One year and eight months!"

"One year and five months!"

I sighed and looked up into his eyes. He looked so eager, so excited that I was actually bargaining for once. Because, even though it meant that he would have to wait some time for me to marry him, he at least knew that it was going to happen.

How much do you want to bet that he's going to go count down on a calendar or something? He'd probably know the exact number of hours and minutes left too...
Wouldn't doubt it...

Just that simple look in his eyes and I knew that this was all that he had ever wanted...

"One year and five months," I agreed with a nod. "You may kiss the bride," I added with a smile.

"Thank God," he said with a sigh of relief, an excited grin spreading across his face.

And then he kissed me.