AN: A prologue will be added sometime later…when I figure out what to put in it…until then, ENJOY! The chapters will be written in one of two points of view…Alyssa's and Sean/Edward/Emil(depending on who he is talking to)…This is also my first non-romance story…well so far it does not have romance in it…

The Club A

Alyssa stared across the room from her seat at the bar. Why was she here at a club on a Saturday night? she asked herself. An unusual question for a twenty six year old woman, at least to most. This was really quite different than her normal Saturday night. Saturday was a day that she normally would spend with her husband and her two children. Why was this Saturday so different?

After six wonderful years of marriage, after being a loving house wife and mother, Alyssa was feeling trapped. Her husband, Michael, had told her to go out and have some fun. He told her that she needed a break in her routine. What was funny about his comment was that since his graduation from college seven years ago, Michael had worked the same job, the same hours, and never once did he feel trapped.

Maybe it was because he got out and saw people. Spending six years in the same house raising children takes a toll. Alyssa didn't have a job, she didn't even have friends. The friends that she did have were like her, mothers, and all that they seemed to care about was their children. Not that caring for their kids was a bad thing, but they were also older than she was. She really did not have anything in common with them, so she could never find a reason to spend time with them.

The mothers had all had careers, some shorter than others, but six months after Alyssa had gotten her bachelors, she had given birth to her daughter, Kira. At the time, being a mother was more important to her than anything. She wanted to give her daughter a family, something that she didn't have when she had grown up. Michael had been working as a scientist in the government since he had gotten his bachelors degree and with finally completing his masters, he was due for a raise, so he told her to raise their child, if that was what she wanted. After raising a daughter for two years, Alyssa and Michael had been blessed with a son, Jonathon.

Jonathon was now three and going to daycare three days a week so he could socialize; Kira was entering kindergarten next week. Alyssa's children were at an age where they did not need her twenty-four/seven. She knew that she would have more free time now than ever so why did she feel trapped?

Alyssa glanced around the club, flipping her burgundy hair out of her face. Many men were staring at her and a few were looked like they wanted to approach her. Before she had met her husband she would not have set foot into a place like this. How did a place that she had feared so long ago become a haven and more relaxing than reading a book in her favorite chair at home?

The gentlemen staring at her still gave her the chills, even if she could deal with the crowds now. They unnerved her. Never in her life would she go home with some stranger that she had just met. It wasn't safe. In her mind, you bring a date with you if you needed someone to go home with, you did not go home with a stranger who happened to be a good dancer and seemed to have the same interests as you. If you meet someone in a club that you like, set up a date in another public place, one where you can talk, do not automatically go home with them. Just talking to someone in a club does not mean that you know them. In high school, one of the popular girls in her class was raped and strangled by some stranger that she had met in a club. That event had stuck with her, so she was very cautious of places like this.

She decided that a table by the dance floor would be more comfortable. In the cozy corner of the booth, surrounded by the beat of the music, Alyssa could people watch until she felt ready to go home. She picked up her Midori sour and her purse and began to weave her way through the throng of people dancing and chatting.

Alyssa found an empty table that was almost bumping the dance floor. Here she was hidden from almost everyone in the club, except those that were dancing, but they were too preoccupied with their partners to care about her. She stared at the couple closest to her. They moved like they were part of the music. She felt envious of people like that; she was a horrible dancer.

Her couple looked like they had been dancing for awhile, and when the song ended they stopped dancing had headed for the bar to refresh themselves. She began looking for something else that would hold her interest, when, to her surprise, a man walked in front of her, blocking her view. "Excuse me," he said, his voice was slightly slurred from one too many drinks that evening, "would you like to dance?" He held out his hand, as if to help her up.

Alyssa looked him over. He was in his late forties, early fifties. His attire said that he had money, or liked people to think that he did; probably the former due to his age and the way he held himself even though he was drunk. That did not matter to her though; she had no desire to dance. "No thank you," she said coldly, hoping that he would just leave her alone.

Sadly, he was too far gone into his own world to take the hint. She was surprised that he had heard her answer at all. "Could I get you anything to drink then?" he asked.

Meeting his brown eyes with her green ones, she gestured to her drink. It was still three-quarters of the way full. "I am fine, thanks though." She tried to look around him, but he blocked her view.

He sat down across from her, completely absorbed in his own world. "So what do you do for a living?"

"I am waiting for someone," she told him, her patience was running out.

"I am an attorney," he stated, continuing as if she had responded to his question. "I work for Lanson and McClamp.

Alyssa held up her hand, as if trying to get him to shut up and listen to her. "Look, I am here to relax, you are not helping."

"You have gorgeous eyes," he paused, "I didn't catch your name," he said finally, confused.

She shook her head. "That is because I did not give it." This guy could not take a hint.

"My name is Kyle."

"Well Kyle," a voice said over her shoulder, "thank you for keeping my date company, but I believe that you are sitting in my seat." Alyssa glanced up at the voice. "Sorry I am late," he told her with a smile as her walked around her towards Kyle and the seat across from her.

Kyle had frozen in shock. "I am sorry. I didn't realize that you were waiting for someone."

"That is because you haven't listened to anything that I have said," she replied, annoyed. Kyle quickly vacated the seat and they watched him scurry away. The man who had saved her met Alyssa's eyes. "Well, you might as well sit down. He keeps looking back over here and would probably come back if you don't."

"Thank you," he said taking the offered seat across from her. "I was hoping that I was not intruding, you looked like you could use the help."

"You have no idea," she sighed. "I am Alyssa by the way."

His eyes widened slightly, like he had realized that any guest was unwelcome. "Sean," he told her.

Alyssa sipped her drink. Sean was being cautious; he did not want her to be angry with him. "Have you been watching me?" she asked suddenly.

"Why do you ask?" he replied, his voice was almost flirtatious.

"Your manner. I didn't think that men were always so careful."

"Men that aren't careful act like the one that I just scared away. You should know that not everyone is that stupid, some of us actually know how to listen." Sean took a sip of his wine. "And to answer your question, only for a few moments. I heard Kyle's conversation with himself and thought I could help."

She smiled. "I guess that is a good thing. If you hadn't, I would still be trying to get him to leave." Her voice was light and friendly, it amazed her. She was rarely kind to strangers, but Sean made her feel comfortable. She felt like she had met him before. "So what do you do for a living?"

He thought for a moment. "I own a company," he stated simply.

"That tells me a lot," she told him sarcastically.

"I didn't think that you really cared," he replied.

Alyssa laughed. "You have a point there, but I thought that I was supposed to at least pretend. Isn't that polite?" she asked. "If we were just sitting here in silence, Kyle might come back, thinking that he had a chance."

"And we don't want that," he smiled. "So what do you do, Alyssa?"

"Currently, I am a stay at home mother of two who will be looking for an escape from her house and the boredom that will ensue once her children go off to school and daycare." Alyssa stopped herself. Sean, no matter how familiar and comfortable he felt to her, was a complete stranger. Why had she just spilled everything that had been on her mind since coming here to him?

His eyebrows rose, he seemed just as surprised at her openness as she was. After a few seconds though, he spoke. "Get a job," he told her plainly.

Alyssa exhaled slowly. She might as well talk to him, he might have some good advice for her and it isn't like she could take back her confession. "I have thought about that. I just have one small problem; I don't know what to look for. I have a five year old business degree with a minor in the classics and have not worked since I was in college. If I had not had my first child six months after graduation, I probably would have gone to law school, but I never really decided what I wanted to do."

He thought for a few seconds. "What about secretarial work? You could work for a law firm, maybe even become a paralegal."

"I have thought about that," she responded, "but then we get back to the lack of experience. Most employers want a year or two of experience. I haven't had a job in almost six years."

Sean shook his head. "Everyone says that they want experience, but in the real world, you can get around it. You have a bachelor's degree, employers will like that. You just have to explain why you haven't worked in six years and you have a good reason. If you show that you have potential and are capable of learning, someone will give you a chance. Try a law firm in the area, they go through assistants quickly." He stopped, meeting her eyes. "I am sorry. I did not mean to sound so pushy."

"It is okay. Your advice is surprisingly helpful. You seem to have more experience in this area then my husband as well."

Sean reached across the table and patted her hand. "If your husband had not told you to get out of the house tonight, I would not have been able to give you any advice." Alyssa's mouth fell open. He glanced over at the steps that led to the exit. Kyle was leaving, alone. "Looks like your threat has passed," he said smiling, seemingly oblivious to her shock. He stood and walked onto the dance floor before she had recovered.

Alyssa started to rise and rush after him, but stopped herself. She lost him in the crowd of people in a few seconds. Who was he? Sean? He could have been lying. He seemed so familiar, like someone that she had not thought about in a long time, but she could not place him. Her purse vibrated against her leg, telling her that it was time to go home. Finishing the last of her drink, Alyssa made her way to the exit, forcing herself to forget her worries about the man she had spoken with that evening.