Yay! My first A/N ever!...I have no idea what to say………….

Hmm, this is just an assignment I got at school. Had about less than an hours to come up with a story and finish it. So safe to say that it's rushed and clichéd. Still, I love to write and I want to improve as much as possible. I'd love to get reviews/constructive critisim.


Next time

«This is a hold up!» the young man shouted, pulling the gun out of his pocket and pointing directly at me. I didn't react. I couldn't react. The minute I saw the gun, fear had taken over and my body went rigid. My eyes rested at the gun in his hands. To cut it short, it was black and dangerous.

I felt tears burn at the back of my eyes, I didn't want to cry in front of the masked man, though many of the costumers did. «Everybody to the corner!» he motioned to my right with the gun. His harsh voice broke my stiff state and with shaking legs I started over to the rest of my co-workers and costumers. He stopped me before I could even take one step «Not you! You will open the safe for me» he shouted.

I looked at him for a moment and nodded. What else was I supposed to do? The man was holding a loaded gun to my face! To my surprise, I felt anger building in me. This was my first week as a banker and we were getting robbed by a lunatic. What a great way to start the job, I thought sarcastically. «Lock the doors with your computer» he said calmly. My eyes widened, but I did as I was told. How did he know that we had a mechanical locking system? It was a new safety system that our manager had bought, instead of an alarm. It could now be the death of us all. I closed my eyes as I pushed the button. Heavy metal doors suddenly came down and blocked any chance of escape. Even the windows were shut and immediately a veil of darkness consumed the bank.

«No one gets out.» he said, looking at me. I could see the intense emerald eyes through the two holes in his mask and I knew he didn't want to waste any more time. I quickly guided him to the safe and opened it. I crossed my arms, disgusted as he let out a shout of triumph when he stepped inside with me. As if opening the vault for him wasn't enough, he even made me fill two huge bags with money and carry them back to where the others were waiting. I reluctantly gave the bags to him and the next thing I felt was a sharp pain spreading from my forehead. After that the world grew dark.

There were flashes of red and blue. The lights and the sound of police cars were everywhere. I rested my head in my hands and cried. The headache was unbearable, but I was still alive. A police officer approached me and gave me two aspirins and a huge glass of water, which I gladly accepted. The grey haired officer explained everything. I had passed out after being hit on the head with a gun and the robber had fled with the bags. They refused to tell me if they had any leads, but the look on their faces told me everything. This was going to be another unsolved case at their desks. «What a day!» I murmured to myself. «At least no one got hurt.».

After being questioned by four officers, I had had enough and I was allowed to go home. Never in my life, had I been so happy to see my apartment, my kitchen, my TV and of course my cosy couch. I launched myself on the said couch with a sigh.

«This is a hold up!»

I snapped my eyes open and sat up in the couch. Intense green eyes were staring back at me the same way they had at the bank: full of mischief and affection. I couldn't help but smile as I motioned for him to take a seat next to me. «That went much better than last time» I said, taking off his mask for him. Familiar auburn hair and a brilliant smile greeted me. «And the police knows nothing?» he asked. His voice was much softer and laced with a trace of worry.

I shook my head, playing with his hair. «They know nothing at all. They don't even have a decent picture of you. You avoided the cameras perfectly» I told him, I couldn't conceal my excitement anymore. «I had a good inside man or should I say, inside woman» he whispered, his smile back on place.

He caressed my forehead for a while, tracing the bruise on my forehead. «Did I hit you too hard?» regret clouded his words and I shook my head. «No, it's okay. I'll live. But next time, I prefer not to be unconscious».