you look at your tummy in the mirror
4 more weeks and it would've been too late
So you made haste to get it done
Just to get it done
flat and not a trace of a living being
once growing in your stomach
if you had just waited, if you had
just thought about it
you wouldn't have done it
but now,

Alphabet soup, pink tutus
Remind you of what you
Could've had
Paper Mache and little words
You'd say
To make her smile
You ache to say them
But that's impossible now
(and that's the worst part)

you look at your tummy in the mirror
remembering how on that night, you were in love
Just for one night
(It could never happen to me, never)
and as you slammed the passenger door
you looked at him as if he were amazing
but Prince Charmings' don't leave you
when you tell him that you're pregnant

now as the tears of regret slide down
your face, you remember how easy it was to
go in and kill your own child
it hurt. It stung at first but afterwards
you were relieved because now you
could dance and go out and have fun

My parents forced me to do it, you try and reason
(we don't want you to live with the consequences of
You foolin' around. We only want what's best for you)

Only, they don't know, that you live with the consequences