In times like this some say today
I can't feel the sunrise
As it creeps up my nakedness
Tasting me
Telling me ugly stories
About whores
And worlds where the houses look the same
Where nothing grows green only purple
And people don't speak 'till they die

But I want to open my mouth
And close my eyes
Drowning in the fumes of sunshine
Letting all the lies slide
Down my throat
So they can stick to every side of the inside of me

My lips pucker
Trying to kiss away the clouds
Rolling the skies around with my tongue
Cold and sad against my mouth
I try to whisper
But I'm so dry
My bones make cracking sounds
And I cave inside myself
Making a pile of mediocrity

I'm in an empty house
Filled with empty words
Airless thoughts and a body without a mouth
Swimming in the glass of broken chandeliers
Letting tree branches peak through the windows
Puncturing my lungs with frozen air
And caressing letters never sent
I'm just a mess
That nobody knows they know
Not anymore

I can't feel the sunrise
But it bends
Pretty reflections off dead end eyes
Soaking motionless bodies on kitchen floorboards

I'll get up sometime