Chapter Seven:

Ninjas, Prank Calls, Bunnyman!

At the beginning of the year in EfA Drama, we were doing this skits where we couldn't talk at all. I was teamed up with this girl (I can't remember her name, only that she had the coolest accent ever) and we decided to do a skit about ninjas. When we rehearsed it, the girl was the leader and I was kind of the look-out, so I was following behind her. Then we had an imaginary enemy and we were supposed to beat him up, but in the process, I hurt my knee.

So when we presented it to the class, I barely moved. I was probably the worst ninja ever, because I was just looking around very casually and while my partner started fighting the imaginary enemy, I stood by and watched, and then when "he" fell, I picked up an imaginary sword or spear or whatever and jabbed it into him.

Tucker said that had to be the most listless murder he'd ever seen.


Our little group of friends that met in the hallway before school (Darrin, Joe, Kassy, Gomez, me, and Steph) really got to talking one day and we didn't hear the warning bell because we were so distracted, and then I noticed that we had one minute until class and we hadn't even put away our coats and stuff, so we bolted to our classes like Death was on our heels, and I don't think any of us made it on time.


At one point in senior year, Kirstin was in love with the "Sun God" as she had dubbed him. One day, while we were at lunch, she saw him in the hallway and dove under the table. I think she thought she looked horrible and didn't want him to see her. We tried to get her to get back up, but she refused, so Kassy went under to join her. It was probably one of the strangest scenes you'd see in your life.


At the first football game last year (and by last year, I mean in 2006), me, Joe, Kassy, Amber, and Kassy and Amber's cousin Danielle decided to make a few prank calls. Joe started by calling Danielle's ex-boyfriend (if I remember correctly) and speaking in rapid fake-Chinese. Then he called this random lady and told her something about her electricity, I think. Then he called Danielle's ex again and claimed that he got his daughter pregnant and was yelling at him the whole time until he hung up.

Prank calls are fun...


During our youth group's trip to Wyoming (we go every other year), a few of us (Jerome, Mara, Emily, and me) saw this sign that said "Bald Parking Only." We decided that that sign was meant to be given to Pastor Brad (as he had a bald patch), and so on our last day, we presented it to him. And God said, let there be laughter.


In drama class, I was known as the quiet, sweet girl. Towards the end of the year, Tucker gave us an assignment to bring in a picture or a poem that we liked. So I brought in The Gashleycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey. For those of you who don't know, The Gashleycrumb Tinies is a rhyming alphabetical poem about how twenty-six children die or are killed. As I read it, this look of horror passed over Tucker's face, and everybody was dying laughing. Then he told us to write a poem about the feelings in what we chose. And thus, the birth of Bunnyman!, which went as follows:

Today Katie Lovejoy
Went for a walk in the woods
She didn't listen to her parents
And take a friend like she should

There was a bunny
And it was bloody
Its head was in a tree
But Katie Lovejoy didn't see it
She was busy skipping happily

Then the Bunnyman
Ax in his hand
Saw Katie Lovejoy
Skipping over the land

Now Katie Lovejoy
She has no head
Cuz she got killed
So now she's dead

Tucker said he couldn't trust me anymore.

I miss my computer so much... but I still have the library computers... (sigh)


Take some chocolate chip cookies. And also donuts of assorted varieties. :)