I'm ok now,
I'm alright.
I only cried for
half the night.
Half the night
is good for me,
I'm getting better.
You'll see.

I'm recov'ring
slow but sure.
I'll never be carefree
as before.
Never be carefree
ever again
I lost all that
back then.

I'll be fine,
I'll be ok.
I've only cried
three times today.
Three times tho
it's morning still,
I'm getting better but
it's all uphill.

I lost me, I
lost myself.
I'm turning into
someone else.
Someone else
who didn't see
the hap'nings that
made me lose me.

I'll be alright,
I'm almost there.
I'm past the point now
I don't care.
I don't care
cos there's no way
I can return to

I'll block it out.
I will not think,
I'll drown my sorrows
in a drink.
In a drink
solace I'll find,
forget it all for
peace of mind.

I can cope.
I'll be alright.
I only drank
12 pints last night.
12 pints that
is good for me.
I'm getting better.
You'll see.

I'll be fine,
came off the booze.
Found a better
thing to use.
Thing to use is
found in pills.
Knock it back,
forget your ills.

Don't worry now
about a thing.
I'm off the pills
and on a syringe
On a syringe
for a better high
Spreads more quickly
through my blood supply.

I'm ok
just like I wrote.
Did you get
my loving note?
My loving note,
it said goodbye
and not to worry
not to cry

I'll be ok,
I'll be fine.
There's just too much stuff
in this head of mine.
This head of mine
is all messed up
Romeo's draught
is in my cup.

I'll be ok,
I'll be alright.
It's just I can
no longer fight.
No longer fight,
no longer try.
I've lingered too long
time to say goodbye.