The Path More Traveled

Come down the hill my lady fair

And comb aside the tangled hair.

From meadow path to the silver stream,

Your springtime bath will keep you clean.

Along the road, into the town

From morning rise 'til sun goes down,

She goes about her daily dance,

Inviting all to take a chance.

For all she knows, life is a game

And in the end we're all the same.

Enjoy the time you have to live

Until there's nothing left to give.

Fetch her a drink and watch her whirl.

The pleasures of a dancing girl

Are seen and heard throughout the streets

Where drunkards brawl and lovers meet.

There at the parting of the ways

She opens up herself for pay,

In hopes she may remember best

One boy who stood out from the rest.

So now you see, you can run wild

With no regret for what your child

Inherits from your lesson taught,

That free for life is dearly bought.

You'll run and stumble as all do,

And fall to find they're mortal too.

Arise to where you were before

And wish for luck you'll fall no more.

With age comes wisdom so they say,

A little gained with each new day.

Tomorrow dance a little less

And turn from drinks and fancy dress.

A time gone by, no longer young,

She waits at home with children sprung

From union with a steady man

Who gave his heart and took her hand.

He comes home late at ending day

From tilling fields and baling hay.

She hangs his coat upon the nail

And brings his mug of bitter ale.

They step outside to see the hill

Where once she ran to where she will.

Wild heath is now an ordered land,

The smell of wheat from where they stand.