"Come on, little girl. We won't hurt you at all..." The scent of alcohol surrounded the two middle-aged men that were advancing towards me. The back of a dark, damp alley was not the safest place for any human girl, especially around the time of three am, when spirits were more likely to play their sickening tricks on you. But the spirits are my friends, and I am far from human.

"Before anyone can forgive you, you must learn to forgive yourself." The two men's unshaven, dirt-covered faces twisted up in confusion, hearing these non-sense-making words escape the mouth of a mere dark-haired, eight-year-old girl. My bare feet were cut up, and the polluted water of the puddle I stepped into stung my skin.

"What the hell are you talking about, little girl?! Now get over here!" I repeated my words of advice and laid my right hand flat over my left fist.

"She's delusional, Harry. Let's just leave 'er here."

"No, Chuck. I said we were gonna have some fun and we are!" I slowly pulled my right hand off of my left hand, while turning my left hand slightly to the side, leaving enough room in the middle to where a long slender pole could fit. Once again, the two men's faces were confused, but maybe their confusion would soothe their pain. As the black, slender pole entered my hands, and the long, twisted, sharpened blade at the end appeared in a cloud of silver mist, the humans in front of me slowly backed off.

"What the hell are you, girl?!" My hands gripped the pole so hard my knuckles were turning white. My black heart was beating out of my chest with excitement. The wind picked up and my long, black hair whipped around my face. My simple white dress swirled around my knees as I slowly became more than superior to them.

"Let's get outta 'ere!" As the two foolish, foolish men turned to run away, frightened by the sight of my scythe, I let out an ear-ringing scream, one that would call my spirit friends to help hold these helpless men down.

Tears streamed down their faces, and they were regretting every wrong they had ever done, but it was too late for them. I raised my scythe high above my head, cackled a little.

"Please...we'll be-"

"Good little boys?" I grinned, bearing pearl-white fangs. "Oh, no. I'm afraid your time for forgiving yourself, and for apologizing...is up." I brought my scythe down and around, and sliced off both of their heads. Blood splattered up and over my dress, as the blinking eyes of the heads that were rolling away turned dark.

"Thank you, friends." I whispered as the black fog blew away with the wind.

A passer-by stopped in her tracks and screamed a blood-curling scream, gazing upon the sight of me and my prey. I licked my blood-red fingers as I contemplated her fate.

"Oh, no, no, no. Noone can see me." I raised my scythe and blinked over to her. "You'll have to join them."