I walked away from the three slaughtered bodies, their souls long since locked in the blade of my scythe. I could still hear the woman's screams, still see her tears. They were soothing to me.

The one dim street light flickered a moment before completely blowing, and sending the entire street into darkness. I liked it. The darkness soothes my black heart and gives me energy, as well as makes me feel more powerful than ever.

My only weakness. Light. I can stand it for about three hours without using any energy, about a week without.

Getting bored, I switched form from an eight-year-old girl, to a sixteen year old, changed my clothes from a simple white dress, to tight low riders, skin-showing tank top, and a dark blue denim jacket. The light of a 7-11 shone brightly towards me. I saw but one person inside, the nerdy fifteen-year-old behind the counter. This should be interesting.

The small 'ding' of the doorbell echoed in my ears as I strutted inside the place. My hair had grown rather short when I changed forms, about half and inch below my ears, and cut to an angel, so it bobbed at my jaw line when I walked over to the counter.

"Hey there, sweetie-pie. Can I have a pack of 305s?" I looked straight into his eyes and whispered, "Soft kind." He looked somewhat nervous. Perfect. A small trickle of sweat slid down his face as he asked for my i.d.

"No problem, Hun." I went to reach in my back pocket, then quickly threw myself over the counter and on top of him.

"What the hell-"

"Oh, don't fight it, baby. There's no one here to help you. So just enjoy it..." I placed my lips on his, and slowly sucked out his soul through his mouth. Soon enough after, his paralyzed body lay motionless on the floor. Satisfied, I jumped back over the counter, and pushed the door open a little harder than necessary.

My blood began to boil as I heard silent in the streets. They still weren't listening to me...

"What about now?! Four people in one night and I won't stop there!" I arched my head back and screamed to the heavens.

"LET MY BACK WHERE I BELONG!!" Silence. What you would always expect from them. Nothing but silence.
I screamed once more and ran into the cemetery across the street. Furious, I clenched my fist and smashed it through the nearest headstone. Albert Johnson the third; rest in peace. I continued to walk down the dirt path, smashing headstones as my hair grew longer; something I naturally did when I was as outraged as now. Why? It gives me a sense of power; the hair is close to the head, where power is stored; the longer the hair, the more power. Why do you think all your evil goddesses and such have hair down to their ankles?

My shoulders burst out in flames, another one of my angry-mood hobbies, and burned the denim jacket right off my back. Aching on the outside and in, and more irate than the devil drinking holy water, I held my face as I burst into tears. Tears that let me know I was still getting nowhere with them.

Footsteps. Behind me.

I whipped myself around, hand outstretched and ready to kill, when my eyes met with that of someone whose identity was a mystery. A young boy, probably 16 years in age. Ah, the golden age. That age in which you are the most prone to making the wrong choices. And the age in which you are the most prone to being a target of certain beings. We always like the adolescents, because they'll fall for anything.

"Miss, I'm not so sure a cemetery is the safest place for you at 2:30 at night."

"What would you know about safe, being here yourself?" I snapped back. Miss. How long I've hated that term and being called it!

"My father owns the library near by, and I was delivering some new books there, when I happened to see you."

"You just happened to see a 16-year-old girl crying her eyes out in a cemetery? That's likely..." His brown eyes frowned a bit, but remained gentle.

"Well... I only heard you. And, I wanted to know what was wrong, so I walked in." I smirked, wiping my eyes with my shoulder.

"I guess you would call yourself brave, hearing cries from a cemetery and, not being afraid of ghosts, walking in just to find a girl crying, and then having the courage to talk to her and see what was the matter." Now he frowned all the way, his black hair whipping across his pale face.

"Look, Miss-"

"Don't call me that."

"Okay. Well, look, I was just trying to see what was the matter. So, I'd appreciate it if you would tell me if you are okay or not so I can leave you be."

"Why should I tell you? I don't even know you." He sighed a bit and murmured something about 'girls being hard to talk to' under his breath.

"Alright, whatever. I'm off." He turned around, stumbling over pieces of the broken headstones and nearly dropping his, might I say, massive case of books. How many books do these human libraries have? The selection up there was only those that were meant to read. Not sit on shelves and never be checked out for as long as the library stood.

I sighed and stood up, jumping the black gate and glancing around the neighborhood. Nowhere to sleep. Why do I need to sleep? Well, I don't. But everything and every being likes to rest sometime or another, right?

The only place I saw that I knew would take someone in without them having to pay or leave early was that place. The church. Ugh...

The big iron handles squeaked when I pulled on them, and the huge white doors, chipped and yellowed with age, blew dust all in my face as I stepped in. Hm, noone's home. Oh well... The benches were brown with red outlines, matching the color of the long carpet streaming down in between the benches. I fell on my side on one of the benches near the front, my hair falling over my face. I made no attempt to brush it away. I sighed once more and closed my eyes, having the ability to make myself immediately fall asleep.

End Chapter One.

Yes, I know it's short, and I know I haven't posted in forever, but I've not been feeling good, okay?