to a fading that just begun.

glasses raised with splashes of
(red) wine covering pure (white) table cloths
in cheers of celebration for coming season(s)
everyone had been anticipating.

but the skies streak imperfections
and the grounds are decaying beneath
the spread of black(ening) plaques
killing inhabitants of all lands…

and (no) one knows that the clash
of (transparent) glass is really the beginning
of a fading and a(nother) good-bye that
will be left (un) said

beneath a cold, grave (stone)
in barren, lifeless, inanimate earth and dirt
that are only lost loves' ashes
neatly tied with a bow…

the new year is only the beginning
of the end.

and this is life every (where)…
drinking to their own destruction
during a fading that just begun.
(a masquerade that says that are lovely
while the face beneath the mask is…)

s t r e a k e d
in the lost love's ashes
&& tears…

(for all of the things that were left)