price tags are as complicated as city maps.

trying to find the route to the (perfect) store
between an entanglement of blue lines
and random shapes that looked as complicated

as hour-long geometry exams.

and even the perfect stores' price tags
make complicated equations that i can't solve
subtracting the difference between the money
in my wallet and the price that tags require
then multiplying the variable on the opposite side of the
equation to my love for you hoping that
the product will be congruent to your worth

but my answer keep coming up short, wrong
just like the red pen stroke etched score on my
algebra examine during my eighth grade year.

nothing that the blue street lines lead me to
showed anything quite worthy of you and
the love that you gave to me in my life…

and my car's speed goes up higher, higher
as i race time to find something yes, anything
that might somehow be worthy of you…

months later i found that nothing i could find
would ever compare to you.

it's during times like these that price tags are
as complicated as city maps and even the result
of understanding them aren't what i am looking for.

so will my life and love be enough for you?
(as yours has always been for me.)