Geniuses. What comes to mind? Einstein, greasy-haired geeks who have machines to do their homework for them, Mensans locked up in a room discussing the solution to world idiocy, government-grant-funded researchers who build better bombs, or all of the above? How about the smart kid in your Science class who never wears make-up, would prefer jeans and tees over layers, who gives you the answers on homework but, when they try to explain it, you have about a 50/50 chance of getting it, and who has friends but is obviously different; not conforming? Yeah, 'genius' doesn't bring up many females to mind. Why? Is it because even the horrendously socially-inept brilliant mind has noticed that society condemns the different and unconsciously conforms, at least a little? Because 'genius' is so often associated with 'left-brainers' or the 'logically gifted', as is manhood? I'm not sure at what level IQ genius status is obtained: I've heard 160, 140, but it appears that society's view of genius is the nerdy, school-loving, function-over-fashion, spouting-equations stereotype. Then again, my viewpoint is filtered and biased. Decide for yourself: Would you consider the following traits to be that of genius, or of just weirdness?

Waking up at 4:40 AM every school day to do HW

Carrying your entire locker with you (all day) because stopping at your locker takes too much time

Understanding Mr. Bishop's whole periodic table/atom schmeel

Being in no 'relationships' other than friendships and vowing to date no one until at LEAST senior year, based on the logic that "dating is for marriage, teen dating leads to heartbreak, the teenage hormone hurricane renders relationships too complicated"

Rarely being seen out of jeans and tees

Preferring jeans and tees

Refusing to wear makeup, save special occasions

Generally taking an optimistic, cheery outlook on life

Being hyper (OK, so that was mainly my band geek friends rubbing off on me)

Liking marching band (If you've never been in marching band, this might not seem all that strangeā€¦ Trust me, we make it look easier than it is. WAYYY easier. Especially if you haven't actually watched a marching band and tried to imagine how much time and effort they put into that halftime show)

Ranting about marching band in a genius-themed Word document

Creating a genius-themed Word document

Being referred to as Mrs. Einstein, The Dictionator, a walking encyclopedia

Never attending a football game outside of marching band

Preferring the symphony orchestra in a large city nearby over the baseball game the next day

Conducting to any/all music being played

Memorizing, without excess effort, any/all lines in drama productions/frequently reciting, off-stage, the lines of a missing cast member (during practice)

Using 'big words'

In conclusion, some geeks are more cleverly disguised than others, and some

adapt better than others. Some wish, with all their might, to be normal. Some wouldn't mind, conversely, to be more 'genius' and less 'geek'. Some lay awake at night, imagining (vividly) different social situations (in their favor) that would never take place, and some would relish the 'uncomfortable' happenstance of the back corner in Science class to set up a blind date for them. If anyone that is reading this recognizes me, it must NOT be someone at school. I will not date/go out with/whatever any guy at school, no matter how perfect you deem him to be for me and besides, I know just enough people at this school that I wouldn't want to show up somewhere and see the class clown motioning to me to come over.

Ok. In conclusion for real, (I got sidetracked,) feel free to comment on this with your opinion. (Unless you know me in real life. Then pretend you never read this article and move on to some other, more fictional document.) Any other Mensans/geniuses/just plain smart people's opinions and personal experiences are welcome. If we banded together, we could just possibly re-write the unwritten laws of society for the new generation. A more accepting generation. Not just for geniuses, but for the physically/mentally challenged, the anti-social, the geeky. Our generation is about as 'open-minded' to difference as were the people who went on the Holy Crusades, trying to wipe out the other religions, but more emotionally than mobs with swords-y.