he had determined that her being gone was the worst event possible.

even if it was just for a week.

and it was improving their "financial stability"

but... it left him lonely, and cold.

he hated waking up by himself after ten years of waking up next to her.

the bed didn't feel right-- it was either too cold or too big or too lumpy or too just not right.

and the house didn't feel right-- it was too big or too impersonal or too blech.

he sighed. tomorrow, tomorrow hopefully would be better.


it wasn't.

the next day turned out to be just as horrid as the day before.

he splayed himself out on the couch.

when she gets home, he thought, she's going to come home to a dead husband. another sigh, and he settled into the couch to take a nap. hopefully one that lasted for days...


he awoke, after day three on the couch, to a bemused smile.

"why, hello." she said from her spot against the wall.

"hey" he rasped out, cursing his voice for sounding hoarse.

"have a nice nap?" she asked, moving off the wall and headed towards the couch.

he nodded, not trusting his voice.

she was standing over him now, face still full of amusement. gently, she pushed him onto his back.

"mind if i joined you?" she asked.

he nodded, and then she was laying on top of him, her lips kissably close...

well, he thought, might as well...

and he closed the small distance between them, his kiss telling her just how much he missed her, just how much he preferred life with her...

the reunion kiss over, she leaned in towards his ear and whispered, "i missed you, too."