Sleep wouldn't come to her. Then again it never truly had. The most interesting thing about her condition was that as soon as the sun peeked its way over the horizon she was out like a log. Some believed that it was her deranged sleep patterns that led to her strange life. Others blamed it on her home life, while some just said that she was born that way.

The single star stood out amid the darkness of the city night sky. Along the dark lonely streets walked a young woman, her stature tall and proud but wary, as any true New Yorker was at night.

Rats scurried across the black concrete, stepping over the small cracks, caused by age and neglect. The sounds of couple's bickering and tears reached her sensitive ears. Yet, she kept on walking, her gaze set on a mark only she could see.

The sky slowly started changing colors, the star was replaced by the lights of a plane and the bickering replaced with children's gleeful laughs. And she kept on walking.

Neighbors waved a friendly hello to her, as she determinedly kept on walking, her gaze never wavering. As she made her way into familiar territory she glanced up at the uniformed man standing on her doorstep, a solemn look on his aged face. With one pitying look from his sober eyes her legs collapsed out underneath her. The tears ran down her face and her world spun, refusing to stop for the grief-stricken girl it had left in its wake of heartbreak.


She ran down the field, her legs pumping in adrenaline. The cheers of the supporting crowd reached her ears. Dragging the field hockey ball with her stick, she maneuvered around the defense, while glancing for an open teammate.


Changing her stance towards the open player, she gave a perfect pass, landing straight on her teammates' stick. A small smile making its way onto her face she sprinted towards the goal, placing herself for a pass.

Then in the blink of the eye, her teammates' stick slipped over the ball and the other team grabbed it and ran.

Running as fast as she could she reached the player with the ball, and then passed her. Blocking the player's path, she started lunging for the yellow ball.

All of a sudden, she felt the impact of the ball on her knee, and her legs collapsed underneath her. Searing pain shot up through her leg, and her world turned to darkness, and with it her dreams.


Bittersweet tears fell down her face as she watched him drive off into the darkness. Her mind was racing with a thousand thoughts; however, only one was clear.

He didn't want to be with her.

After all that they had been through together, he left her. It was hard to fathom, that the man that she trusted more than any other could be gone so quickly. It's amazing how life can be beautiful and perfect one moment and just dark the next.

There was no better way to explain it than dark, an unfathomable place where no one knows when the light is finally going to show. She slowly walked up to her room and collapsed on top of her bed, perhaps leaving a part of her heart behind her.


This is a story about all of the different kinds of pain. Whether its losing someone you love to death, losing your dream or suffering dissapoinment, they are all painful. If you could review and let me know what you feel about this story I would greatly appreciate it

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