It's around midnight

I just cant sleep

Every time I think of you

I take a drink

Under your spell

You held me captive

You made me think

That I'd be nothing without you

Now I'm gone numb

I don't know what happened

I don't understand

In the white darkness

In the corners of my mind

My darkness spreads

Like a disease

They just don't get it

With every sip I take

It takes me to another place

I'll be able to reach it soon

Even if there's only monsters

I wont be alone

This cant be hell

I fit in so well

There's only monsters here

But you wont find tears

No one would leave me here

You decided to lead me here

I hear sirens

But they're so faint

I'll just ignore them

Is someone screaming for help?

I know that feeling

I feel so numb