Black Feathers

It gently rains

As I sit

On the cold ground


Falling slowly down my face

It trickles to the ground

I feel the cold

I won't sleep

The moon makes me restless

It will stare down

The horror of our sins

Of our misdeeds

That stain the heart

As I stare out into space

Will I find my place?

This is where I am now

No one else is here

The clock tells midnight

It's a hollow

Fearful sound

Like the one

That stripped the maiden

From her rightful prince

The wind whispers

Through the corridors

Of the streets

I sit and listen

To their wordless stories

Black feathers drift down

And they smell of magic…

They will set me free

The thousand sands of time runs out

As I'm descending into something more

The black feathers bring me comfort

A solace

Of one's love long forgotten


As I slowly wake in the streets

Surrounded by black feathers

Know you can not wake in death