on the days where tears are washed down with my dessert
and the sound of screaming from (my) throat lull me to sleep
i am only left missing my (lost) love
- or the one that i (never) had. -

and on the days where my pillows is cold, the fire only melts
my heart and my thoughts i begin to dream
of fairy princesses and white knights; a story of cliché happiness
- knowing the longing will never be filled -

and in the depths of my heart, however deep it may be hidden
i am left longing for something so simple
it's incomprehensible to the small human mind…
- we just (over) analyze everything -

days like today bring me back to the day that i tried to voice
my need (craving) to some boy who was just talking to me
behind stage before we had to perform
- he thought i was looking for a boyfriend -

(true love is so much deeper than that.)

the love that i am longing for is a simple friend who can love
me without criticizing my faults and know that my smile isn't real
anymore because i am (too) broken to be fixed
- but i laugh so i won't lose the little bit of love i have -

and maybe you think i need a boyfriend who will give me
the attention that i need but i don't want attention just love…
not the listening the counselors do while checking the clock
- that's called paying the bills -

i am only looking for a genuine face, love, friend
why is that so incredibly difficult to understand?